Nov 24, 2011

Plans for 2012

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to my USA readers! And Happy Birthday to my dear friend Norma! We FABS will celebrate it together down the line---once the holiday hubbub passes.


I was just updating my UFO tab this morning as I knew that I had not included 3 half started row quilts.  I knew that my languishing Oxmoor House quilt has GOT to go on the top of the list.  I have re-designed this thing twice,  3 times if you count the version I finished up for Betsy.   I have been talking about it for years!

I came close in late 2010 when I printed off the small log cabin blocks to foundation piece.  I've even got a small basket with fabrics pulled for it!

While I want to continue to work on the Button Up pieces in the coming year, I also want this quilt moved forward.  Put up or shut up, right?

I've got plenty of other tops to finish, to quilt, to start even for this that and the other thing---and those will or won't get done right away.  I've got all year.  You know me, I am all over the place sometimes but when I have a deadline or a clear goal I  usually get it done.   Now it is in writing and I am holding myself accountable.  It may not be quilted but it will be pieced by this time next year if I have to trip over the Christmas fabric bin for months..

Oops, just thought of another row thing to add to the tab but it is QOV from donated strips so no wonder it did not spring to mind.  Off I go to edit.

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  1. Thanks for the birthday greetings!

    I love this Christmas quilt. You do need to finish it up and get it on your bed to enjoy.


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