Nov 30, 2011

WIP Weds

Actually I am not all that sure if this will BE a WIP project today.  I am proud to announce that I did get the last 5 blocks that remained to be done quilted yesterday.  It was no easy task either since I do not free motion (rarely) and I stitch in the ditch on a domestic machine, my old trusty Viking 500.  Definitely a two ibuprofen night after wrestling this thing around.  All that might get done is to quilt a line under the little flap of red.

Still, I am happy that I got this moved forward.  The borders still need to be done, of course.  I would dearly love to hand quilt it but I DO want this thing finished and off the UFO "list".  I have used one of the Quilter's Dream poly in low loft in this thing and I honestly do not recall if it recommended for hand quilting.  That is a definite consideration before I put the time into it.

If I am going to do this on the machine then I need a cable with a fairly gentle curve.  The braid will work better than the egg and dart.   The dark fabric will make it harder to mark and then to see the marks.   I am debating about marking it on tissue paper or seeing if they have this made up in Borders Made Easy.   I have used  it in the past on smaller projects. I know you don't want the adhesive on the quilt for long. It is messy to get the paper off no matter which paper stuff you use too.  Then too, you have to be very careful about the safety pins underneath.  Ask me how I know?  Will the standard blue wash out markers "Mark Be Gone" work?  Looks like but I will need a couple more as the one I have is a bit dry and the tip blunter than it should be.  I see a Hobby Lobby run on the horizon after lunch.  I need a couple yards of white on white for another project too.

Yeah, yeah, yeah---I know you are supposed to mark these before you pin then.  The batting is pretty flat so I will probably be okay.

And sew it goes at my house-------marking, not quilting for today.

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  1. Absolutely one of my favs...ABSOLUTELY!! Makes me want to get on a plane and head to your house just to cuddle in it...beautiful!



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