Dec 2, 2011

getting closer

I am getting there!  Yesterday was borders day.  Today's goals are hanging sleeve, label and binding application---and that is doable.  This whole deal with need washed to remove the blue marks but not till the hand part of the binding is done.  I COULD sleep under this one tonight if I want.

I swapped out the fall wall hangings yesterday and put my Christmas log cabin quilt on the back of the couch.  That led me to take a peek at one of my other Christmas tops----Patience Corner last seen HERE, last December about this time.   I don't know what I was thinking but this thing is too small as is at 72 x 84.  I am guessing I was considering a fairly deep double border but didn't have the yardage I needed for that.  Since I like the looks of it as shown on the bed, I need to make 14 more blocks to bump the size up to 84 x 96.  Norma has offered to quilt it for me AFTER the holidays are passed and then we both will have one to grace our respective beds NEXT Christmas.  (THX, my friend)  I did have some background yardage on hand yet, but it might be close.  It will either make a substitute or go with a square quilt if I am short.  I am thinking I will cut those bits out when I deal with the sleeve thing in a few minutes.  It is possible that I overcut, (I often do) and I have some of the sashing stuck in my strip bins containers or scrap basket.  Worth a look anyway.

And sew it goes----today's goals in place.  Thoughts of what is to come and a mental list check list is in place.

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