Dec 14, 2011

WIP Weds

So far the only thing I have managed to get done on the creative side was prep the labels for the button ups and cut/press the sewn piece of tab strap.  I pinned both tops last evening.  I am setting up to start quilting in a few minutes or more likely, after lunch.

We had a fun time at the Christmas lunch out yesterday. So much easier then having to make a dish to pass.  Some of the girls had done that the night before for Lick Skillet Guild so I am glad we didn't go that route.  We had  "Show and Tell" afterwards--along with some date nut bread that Beverly shared.

  Silly me, went off without the camera again.  Marilyn had hers but turns out the battery needed charging so that was out.  Bev took some of her camera phone but I don't have those yet.  I had DJ hold up the turned in quilts anyway once I got home so I'll share those tomorrow.  I promise!

Well, you know were to find me--quilting!

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