Dec 12, 2011

Design Wall Monday

"Give Thanks" Button Up
The actual design wall is just holding the same old blocks that have been there awhile plus the completed Christmas Star 2003 and some sewn tabs and binding for the button up above and the giftie one.  BORING!  But since I should include a picture with my post, you get to see the turkey closer up.   I am just about done with the piece having just the word "Thanks" to button hole applique.  I am trying to match the design elements on this one so I don't know that you will see my efforts very well.  Next up, the giftie applique and then off to prep backings and batting.

Tomorrow is the Bama Belles Christmas party.  Since this is such a busy time of year,  it will be a fuss free event.  No gift exchange, no dish to pass.  So many of the girls belong to more than one group and it seems they each have their own holiday routines.  It can get overwhelming!  We are off to Olive Garden for lunch and then do a reveal of our scrappy challenge projects back at out meeting place.

To that end, I was digging around in my primary closet for my donation quilt tops that fit this category.   I have 7 completed, one more partially done.  I can see that I am going to have to impose a two quilt limit on myself when it comes to pinning them up.  Currently there is no place to put them since I still have 6 pinned donation tops up in the closet.  These are not my quilt but I volunteered to do one of them. The others were left when one of the girls moved out of state.

 Before I proceed with my next point I should probably explain the house was built without a coat closet.  Instead my bedroom has TWO closets, the smaller of which is for out of season clothing and coats.  The completed donation quilts that are waiting for delivery to a worthy cause here in Calhoun County are folded up on the shelf in there as are the quilts awaiting pinning.  Normally those would be piled up atop the armoire but that spot was taken for my own personal pinned projects until I got caught up.   And then Christmas came.  VBG

Just for grins and giggles I counted up just how many tops I have in the primary bedroom closet.  Let's just say that it is a good thing that my clothing has been going to a "less is more approach" over the years, LOL.

  • 6 personal quilt tops.  Most are from the 2006-2010 years  meaning I should address them at some point.
  • 8 scrappy challenge tops.  Out to the car trunk for tomorrow though
  • 5 other donation tops----one is from 2009 but still not marked or pinned.  The other 4 were made this year.  Two more are hanging in the closet at the church waiting to be pinned in the new year.
I HAVE been a busy girl this year!  People who follow me on facebook are always asking me how I get so much done.  I do keep busy in my little room. I do something creative more days than not.  I don't work outside the home.  My husband pitches in with vacuuming and laundry, dish washer unloading.  Neither of us lives to clean.  That all has something to do with output.  Blogging keeps you accountable--you need some blog fodder, after all.  It helps that I set small goals for the day or week too.  When I need to take a break, I do. 

Still, a look at the tabbed pages on my blog and I guess you see I do have quite a few finishes and flimsies for 2011.   Hurray for me!  Other than making donation tops, I did not let it take over my life this year.  Some of my own things are done and others, moved forward..  Sure, more exist, obviously but they are not completely shunted to the side.  After 11 years, I think it is only fair.  I don't normally think in terms of numbers till it gets to year's end and look back.  I keep plugging and doing what I love.

Well, it looks like I have been pecking these keys right up to lunch time.  DJ has an doctor's appointment in the early afternoon so I need to be sure he is done eating in time for that drive into town.  

I hope you have a good day and find some time to do what YOU love too----------

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