Dec 21, 2011

WIP Weds, wk 51

Technically you could say that I am between projects.

The Christmas Patience Corner expansion is completed.  Yesterday I got the backing all seamed and with DJ's help folded up and put in the box for mailing.  My pal Norma will be quilting it up for me after she does her own.  Actually my quilt contains some of Norma and our pal Cher's fabrics in it so it will be fun to spot them as she quilts mine.   The binding is seamed for it but not pressed.   

I also added some more black solid strips to the one you see rolled on the bolt core.  (Borrowing a trick from my mom there.)  There is one or more of the quilts in this pile of donation quilts that will need it.  I want these quilts finished and not hanging over my head in the new year.  Other quilts to be made, after all.  Other tops to pin too---my own tops.

So what's with the bin of fabrics?  Norma will at some point announce a date for her postponed FAB bday par-tay.  She would like for us to explore Popsicle Sticks from one of our favs Atkinson Designs.  I have a collection of teals and purples that I have been saving for "some project, some day".  The day may have come. At one point I would get one yard of this grouping from the section at the now defunct Quiltmaker's Workshop on each trip I made to Trussville (AL)  and just hoard it.  I would add more fabric that sorta fit in with it as they came along and think "some day I'll find the perfect pattern for these".  OR more like, raid it for another project.  I see a section of  Marble Mate with about a 6 1/2 inch square cut out so I already DID poach a bit for something.    Popsicle Sticks will probably need an infusion of pinks and limey greens, I'm thinking.  I have a little holiday money to spend from the Belles so I will augment this stuff with an Amelia  jelly roll designed by Me & My Sister for Moda.  (Scroll down for the thumbnails)  It is fun fabric for something else if it doesn't work for this.   That stripe might work for binding if I have enough----that is leftover from some donation quilts in the past.   HMMMMMM

In the meantime, I intend to get those donation quilts dealt with and hopefully by years end.  A couple are more or less "zoom" lines so will not take too long.  None of them are mine though I voluteered for one of them---6 total.     The Belles are having a pinning day on Tuesday and I may get some binding volunteers.  Ordinarily we would not be meeting till the 2nd Tuesday in January but some of the girls were free and requested it.  I'll be there as I have the door key, LOL.

This next part is a little gross but Skyler caught a mouse somewhere, sometime last night in the living room. I found it laying on the rug near the coffee table when I got up to feed Skyler. DJ said he heard something out there thumping around just before he was due to get up. Just Skyler playing.  Or worse, he  thought Skyler had managed to finally pull over the Christmas tree but didn't go inspect matters. So here is this limp mouse stretched out on the floor and he barely noticed as he headed out to the kitchen to eat.  I am not going to deal with it!  Skyler is looking at it and about to start pawing at it.   DJ says he was sorry he missed seeing the attack.   What?? I swear he was almost crowing "That's MY boy! Bagged him a mouse" or something. Me, I'm just glad he didn't drag it off to my bed!

I had a couple of errands to run but it is pouring down rain.   Tomorrow it is supposed clear off so I am guessing it might ever I thought was so important may have to wait.   Or not if it slows down a bit.

And there you have it

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