Feb 13, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Seriously there is nothing much happening on that design wall.  Same blocks up there---some blank squares for quilt labeling purposes, a piece of bias binding for the Christmas Patience Corners.  We also have a block Aline gave me for Christmas along with the Oxmoor House components that I hoped would inspire me to keep going on that.  Odd kid quilt components but mostly I can't quite reach them, LOL.

A slump or just busy with other stuff?? Both actually.

On Thursday through Saturday this week Friendship Quilters is having a sew-in to work on our quilts for the Col. Robert L. Howard Veteran's Home being built in Pell City (AL).    The Popsicle Sticks stuff that I hoped to work on a bit over this past week just did NOT happen.   The guild met on Saturday and I did not feel well a few hours after I got home.  Yesterday, some cutting and grocery errands. You know how it goes. Life happens.   I put the stuff back in the container for now.  Not forever, just not now.

Now I have to make room for it to stay in my line of fire.
That also means the large blue tub of Christmas fabric is going back under the cutting/pressing table.  The stack of stuff on the left atop it is all related to the Oxmoor Quilt---back it goes too.

I also have 30's fabrics (by no means all I have) to the right and the smaller tote atop it is holding some newer acquired stuff from the donation bin that I have plans for.

I knocked the paper shredder over as I moving things around so I got to vacuum up the room along with some hairy base boards under the table.   Maybe that was a good thing, LOL?

Seismic shifting.

.........Out comes the patriotic fabrics etc from its hiding place.   Aline had given me the extra Land of Liberty panel she had to do something with.   The fabric manufacturer Marcus Brothers has a free pattern on their website for American Valor that I will use but it is not quite long enough when the suggested size is 60 x 90 for the beds at the veteran's home.  I'll do some tweaking in EQ to re-size it before I cut.

To prepare for the sew-in I cut the alternating squares and rectangles that go with the RWB 3-D bowties I had started at the last sew-in.  The kit next to it is one I cut out for Jane.  The guild was setting up kits of fabric for anyone that wanted one but it was not cut to size.  Apparently she is not as confident in her cutting skills as I am and said so.  It is a simple "potato chip" quilt or one that I knew as Rainy Day Satisfaction from ten  years back.  Whatever, LOL.    The other bag is the RWB row quilt some one donated that I need to sash/add more blocks to or adjust in some manner to get to the targeted size.  I have made 2 already and plan on 3 more--that's enough.  A more truthful statement would probably be that with pro bono sewing there is never enough. The needs are great and always present.

I had gotten my QOV Disappearing 4 patch back from the long arm quilter a month back.  The binding IS on it but I need to stick a label on it as well.  Margaret had done some up on an embroidery machine but she may not have been the one that quilted this.  I had thought about asking one of the Belles with an embroidery machine if she could help me out with that.  OR play with my Brother to see if I could figure out how to set up the lettering.  Just haven't had time to look at the manual and play.

I asked Jane if she would want to work on the binding at the sew-in rather than drag her machine with us.  She, more or less, jumped at that idea!  We were swapping services.  I cut, she binds.  We're both happy.  I'll hand off at Bama Belles' tomorrow.

The fellowship hall we normally use is needed by another group to set up for an event they have the following day.  The church secretary had given me a "heads up" before they okay'd this.  Rather than schedule an alternate event or location we are just meeting in one of the classrooms in the church.   Handwork day, more or less.  Some members cross stitch, others like me do redwork.  Some body wanted me to show them how to hand quilt  (Teresa maybe?) so I may take my Birdbrain Santa quilt instead of my  embroidery.  Makes no difference to me, LOL.


On another front, DJ who is the primary loader and unloader of the dishwasher is not happy with our choice.  He hates the silverware holder in the door which HAD been a selling point and the bowls will not stay in an upright position which was driving him around the bend.   I told him to quit bellyaching and try to get used to the change in features.  I was thinking that we had made our choice and would have to live with it.  See how sympathetic I was, LOL?  After listening to 3 days of how we had made the wrong choice, I was fresh out of sympathy and tired of the complaining.  Today he calls Whirlpool and the CSR got to listen to it too.

Off shoot of all this, Lowe's will take this one back.  We had 30 days after the sale to get an exchange.  He asked me to go with him to talk to the sales person but frankly, I have not really had to load the new one except for a few items used in food prep.  He is the one who has the problems and loads the bulk of it.  I haven't even read the manual yet. Therefore he is the one who needs to be happy with his choice.  To that end, he took 4 different kinds of our bowls in question to try them in the models they have till he found one that fit the bill--another whirlpool with different features.   It will cost us 3 additional dollars and another installation fee with a credit coming down the line.   They have 2 business days to call and set up an installation time again.  Hopefully the same person can come back.

And sew it goes---I got a label to sew on, a car to load and some designing to do.

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  1. Oh, the shuffling of containers. I hope Pop Stix isn't too far away! LOL

    I love the Marcus Brothers QOV panel! I am sure that pattern is a transferrable idea for use with other panels.

    It is good that Lowes will exchange the dishwasher. Sometimes it is hard to know until you try out an appliance in your own circumstances if it will truly work for you or not. Such a pain to be going through the installation process again though.


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