Mar 20, 2012

Quilt delivery day

A few posts back I showed you the stack of finished quilts that the Belles have made and I had been holding for a day just like today. They were in a basket from the floor up to just over the top of the armoire with about 6 of them stuck on the side to keep the whole tower of quilts from toppling over. This picture below shows what it normally looks like-----pinned quilts on the armoire, for sure.

Atop this heap is some batting for me to use on the QOV row quilt I will pin on Tuesday. Soon to be added, somewhere, is the 76 Bow Tie Medallion. Denise B told me yesterday that she had gotten it quilt up and I can bring it home after the executive board meeting on Tuesday.  You can see I have my work cut out for me to get caught up anytime soon.

Below, the quilts after I hauled them out to the car yesterday afternoon.  DJ was trying to nap so I didn't ask him to help.  By the time I was hauling out the 2nd stack of 10 he said "why didn't you tell me you needed help?".  I said if he was offering, get with the program!  I half expected him to say that he would be up in about 30 minutes and make me wait for him.  I'd be done with the job by then.  44 quilts ready to take to the Presbyterian Home for Children down in Talledega, AL.

And here I am in the conference room------some of the kids were due over in about 40 minutes so I don't know if they were going to pick theirs out today or not.  Carla said they may distribute them through the houseparents.  They know best how to handle things.  We had just enough for the whole place with a few extras.   ( must have been talking to the lady with my camera when she took this, LOL)

Other than a bit warm the weather was perfect for the drive.  Oh, I forgot which traffic light to turn off of but wasn't going to get lost.  I had been there several times before but not for a few years anyway.  I enjoyed seeing some of the big houses in the established neighborhoods.  The dogwood and azaleas are just gorgeous now.  Lots of wisteria hanging from the trees.  The sunlight hitting the hills and trees on the way back on Alabama 21 was a wonderful vista to admire too.

I got a little more of the applique done on the March button up but the expected fabric order has not made it yet.  I'll be switching gears a bit and picking up the April applique till it shows.  Tomorrow my friend Teresa is coming over to see if we can figure out what is happening with her machine when she is trying to quilt.  She had made a quilt for her son and new DIL who were married earlier this month but the quilting had to wait.  Unfortunately what she has put in has had to come out.  Also I had unearthed some black Hobbs poly-down from my sewing room closet she can have since she feels her batting might be the culprit.  I told her we will help her re-pin the quilt on Tuesday.  Meanwhile we'll do some quilt sandwiches and test them out on the machines---mine and hers.  If it will quilt on mine, it is her machine balking---is my theory, anyway.

And sew it goes------------

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