Mar 31, 2012

two posts in one day?

Around the house----
You will most likely find the husband tending to some of the outside chores.  Today he is removing some old caulk from our siding. Next some re-caulking, priming, painting will ensue.  Note that he has the ladder atop the air conditioning unit and that he had to whack the heck out of nearby bush to even get at it first.  Due to sun exposure problems, he has to get out when there is cooler temps and some cloud cover so that limits his time.

The lilac bush is in full bloom right now---the best it has ever looked really.  It smells heavenly too.   The Rose of Sharon bush that is right behind it is almost in full leaf now too.  It is normally the last one to come around.  Maybe the two weeks or so of above normal temps and plenty of sunshine brought it along too.   We have not had a lot of rain though considering it IS spring but DJ said we had a half inch in the gauge with the overnight showers.

Our white azalea of the encore variety finally bloomed but this bush has never done particularly well---scrawny thing.  We are lucky if it blooms once, let alone again in the fall.  You also see the blooms dying off the newest azalea planting.   Both it and the other bright pink one are done.

And here is the door greeter waiting for me to come back.  Hard to believe that we have had Skyler for almost 4 years now. We lost her this same weekend back in 2008.  Skyler came to live with us the following week, after the kitchen flooring was installed.  The hosta plant we planted at Pippi's grave site is just starting to come up.

You can see some native dogwood in bloom in the trees, the wisteria seems to be about gone, the forsythias is open and I notice some snowball bushes are out now.  Got to love the spring, pollen and all.   Renewal,  life goes forward

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