Feb 4, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Anybody but me think that this picture is a total mess?  I can't do much about the stuff on the shelves---small bedroom, small closet and packed to the gills with sewing stuff.  I CAN however try to find a spot for the things hanging OFF the shelving even if it is part of the "design wall" space.

I got the heart row done in time for my guild meeting on the 9th so it is packed away.  Problem was, I could not find the snowman row from last month!  Time to straighten things up in here the best I could within the limitations of my recently done eye surgery. I put the Halloween row away for now----till I can get out the machine I need to do the button hole applique units on it and another pending project.  

I cleared out the paper and found temporary stacking places for other project bags, fabric and what have you.  In the course of that chore on Saturday, thank heavens the snowman row turned up---not where I first thought either!   SO I stuck them on the design wall surface for sage keeping.  Actually the design wall does not look appreciable different than it did--the twister blade is gone.  Not sure what will happen with that experiment but I didn't toss it---yet.  The two sampler blocks could go back in the project box but is not easy getting them up there or getting the project box---they are staying.  I like the twister hanging even if it is Christmas themed so it is staying.  The hex-y flower?  Well, that goes with the Farmer's Wife Sampler stuff which is currently all stacked up in my bedroom closet.  It is staying too!  Other little do dads on there are staying too.  I need to get up on a step stool to reach them over the end of the table and it would require more bending over than I am currently allowed.  Besides what is is hurting?  

I swore that I did not get anything else done this weekend, that I was going to get the ceiling fan blades cleaned off in here!  Every blessed time I went to put my three different eye drops in my eyes, 4 times a day (plus artificial tears as needed, LOL)  all I could see what dust bunnies up there and wish that I had gotten up there before I had the surgery.   They are gone and I could do it without troubling the husband as long as I kept my cataract shades on to keep the dust out.  He is convinced that I am not going to want to give up my grab bar either.  He said you are never going to want to bend over again as he watched me feed the cat and grab a soda from the fridge the other morning.   While that thing is pretty handy even for picking up strings, I will be happy to be able to not think twice about petting Skyler when he flops at my feet with that belly up.  All in due time!

I did want to point out the the spools of Presencia embroidery materials you see are a new addition---and something that I need/may need in the blog hop through Sew We Quilt, the "Stitch Me Up" one that runs March 20th through the 29th.  I think I know what I want to do for that one but have not explored it much past looking through some of my quilting library here at home.

That brings up up to my plans for the OTHER blog hop---"It's All About Me".  I am not sure how much I am supposed to be talking about this one ahead of time.  It is doubtful that anyone will find my blog till it is actually "my day" assignment.  I'll risk it a little bit, LOL.   

I have a pattern that is like the image you see in the sidebar using an image especially designed for the hop by Amy Bradley.  I need to put said image into an article of some sort.  One suggestion was a sewing machine cover.  Remarkably, I NEED a sewing machine cover for this one though currently I am using my cat one that I made for the old Singer.   I gave that pattern away so cannot use it for the next one.  I also I want to do something more fitted to the machine. I did have an old pillowcase over the top of this so I want something more quilty and fun----good timing, huh?  

At this point, the Singer is still in the shop and I think Mr. Rodney will be bringing it back to guild where I had dropped it off for service.  I live in the same county as him and just down the road about 20 some miles but he or Mrs. Rodney have not called yet.  You may recall my telling you about winning the Kenmore in the guild raffle for an investment of 7 bucks total.  Well, currently it is worth more than that as I ordered a walking foot for it as part of my Christmas present from DJ---and it cost about 40 bucks when you included shipping!  I love that this one has a spot to hold the foot pedal built in under the free arm but now I can add a pocket, or two, to the cover to hold the power cord!

I have been scouring Pinterest, googling sewing machine covers a bit.   There is a pretty cool video on you tube from The Crafty Gemini on the subject

Also I found a pdf file from spool sewing dot com to be helpful.  You can click on it under the free patterns offered in their blog sidebar.  

Mostly I just needed to be sure that I could fit the image I need to applique on to the machine cover front, knowing where to tweak the design in the available space.....whatever that was going to be.  I had this drawn up and cut out on Saturday evening.  Then I revisited it again this morning.  I messed up the cat one by trying to revise it without adding more (or was it less?) corresponding fabric.  Pam had to bail me out but most of that was because I wanted piped cording on it as well.  We teamed up to get that one done!  Hopefully this time I will NOT have to call "uncle".    See all my little notes on the quadrille paper?  LOL

I showed you the fabrics I hoped to use on this project HERE and have pulled a few things from my stash that might work.  Just need to do it---figure out what goes where and prepare to cut into the fabric.   At the very least I can start tracing off the appliqued bits. DJ will have to come get the pressing board off so I can get at the cutting surface when I am ready.  It is more bulky than heavy for lifting but I still need to behave till I see the doctor again on Wednesday afternoon and find out how much longer I can "milk" no vacuuming and dish washer loading etc.  

There is always knitting to keep me busy too.   I am about an inch and half away from the crown shaping on hat #31 at this point close that I will have to be sure to have double pointed needles with me at the next office visit, LOL, but knowing me, I will have started #32 before then!  I found a pattern for a nice spiral rolled brim hat that I want to try when I round up a skein of bulkier yarn than I have been using. 

And sew it goes-----thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have found an outlet for your creative juices.

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