Feb 13, 2013

Meeting day

Bama Belles met yesterday with a good turnout in spite of the weather! It was clear for a bit at arrival time but the rains came back just in time for lunch and departure time for some of the group. I think there were 12 or 13 of us, including a guest.

Teresa and her sister Judy were working on Teresa's Accu-quilt Go Baby cutting some charm squares Judy needs for her next project. Judy is presently hand quilting her first quilt! Teresa is working on cutting big yo yo's for a bedrunner project right now. Julie and Bev were working on binding. Julie had hoped to her project to be on a guest room bed since company is coming---soon! You'll see the quilt in a minute. Aline was doing hand work as was our guest, Valera. Donna was helping at the pinning table along with Beverly, Lois, Jane and me with others stepping in to help. Janet may have been the only one sewing and was putting borders on a lovely small quilt. Pat and Ada were keeping us all company. Rosa was busy at the ironing board but I didn't see what exactly she was working on. I spotted her with some fabric that looked like swiss cheese though---maybe applique???

So let's see what the gang was up to.   Beverly's Tons of Black Challenge piece was turned in and Jane flipped the corner so you could see the fun backing fabric she used.  Brenda had donated some yardage and it went to good use here.

This rag quilt bunny is adorable, isn't it?    Bev made it and embellished it in a fun way with the heart and the purple fluffy stuff at the paw area.  She did something fun on the face as well but I don't think the picture will show it very well.  I think might be a Simplicity pattern but don't quote me.  Teresa had a commercially purchased pattern that had a bear, turtle and maybe a dinosaur???  all done in rag quilt sectioning like this one.  She hopes to make one of them for her grandson

 Here is the sweet little quilt that Janet was bordering.  I forgot exactly what she called this one but the block is a simple three patch that forms a rectangle.  You then rotate the blocks but she said you have to be sure to not reverse the strip pieced sectioning.    Apparently she had on a previous version and did not catch it till the top was done.

Bev also made this quilt.  I am not sure about the pattern source but I think it should be called "Flower Power".  She used a jelly roll to make it.  Wouldn't this be a terrific pro bono quilt idea?

Next up a top in my beloved 30's prints that Linda C mailed to Lois along with a box of quilting materials.  We pinned it up and I'll quilt it when I get around to my ever growing stack.

Here is Julie's quilt---Pat Speth was the lecturer at the Lick Skillet Quilt guild this past summer.  Julie took the workshop and made her version of  "Heritage Trail"  featured in the book Amazing Nickel Quilts.  Julie did get the last binding edge done and I caught her for a picture just before she had to leave.

Here was her fun backing!   Great way to stretch your yardage, right?  It was professionally quilted by an area long arm quilter.

I took my knitting with me but basically did not do a thing with it---too busy pinning and yakking, LOL.   I had two quilts to pin but I think both of them are going to Friendship Quilters as we are all required to make a pro bono quilt now, rather than let this worthwhile task fall to just a few people.  I may be able to designate that mine go to Wrap Them in Love anyway as most of mine have since the fall of 1999.   I didn't even pull my hand quilting out of the tote which is even less than the knitting---at least that ball of yarn was out where I could get at it, LOL.

Since I was already most of the way out to Hobby Lobby, I ran out there once I locked up primarily looking for some embellishments for my blog hop piece.  A couple more things followed me home but I'll tell you about that in another post.   I had hoped to be working on the binding at the base of the sewing machine cover but I still have the back piece to add to the 3 sides of the piece.   The satellite TV guy had a cancellation and they called to see if he could come out Monday afternoon.  We said "yes" but it did put a kabosh on my sewing for a couple of hours.  I needed to have DJ move the Christmas fabric tub under the sewing machine table to get it out of his way so try to get at the sewing machine pedal around something that measures about 22 x 16 x 16, LOL.  Didn't happen today either----yet, LOL.

Stay tuned for post two!

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  1. The bunny quilt I made for my granddaughter for Easter is Simplicity 4993.... it has a bear, a cat and a dog. I used the dog ear pattern and revised it to make it a bunny. I can't wait to give it to her. She seen my "Flower Power" and told me...... "Grammy I NEED one just like this"..... lol ...... yep, for her birthday !


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