Mar 30, 2014


LOL, Gene commented about the neutral toned batiks that I had picked out recently.  Actually there is a bit of method to my madness as I have been running around with some Olympic paint chips for about a month now.

The Great Baby's nursery is painted using these colors:  Lunar EclipseHidden MeadowsGalactica and Kiss Me Kate from a picture sent my sister, the Nana to be

The selected shades are circled but I chose the darker gradations as well.  I think this makes it look a bit bluer than it is with that LED bulb in the lamp??   Really it is more towards the aqua and teal tones.   Kiss Me Kate is a just barely there tint.

And then there is the batik fabric I chose------I think it will do, some of it anyway.  I want to make a small Storm at Sea wall hanging and this will figure in there in some manner.  My original selections for the wallhanging were definitely more blue and are probably not the best choices for this project.  I'll do something else with that stuff-- fabric is never wasted, just re-purposed.

I received a phone call from DJ's old golfing buddy that he and his wife are on the way down on their annual southern swing.  I had told him at the funeral that I was going to need his help in taking care of DJ's golf equipment.  All those golf balls, the clubs he used and the backup ones out in storage.  (He teaches golf and is always putting sets of starter type clubs together for folks.)  They plan on being here in time for breakfast at Jack's tomorrow morning. While I don't think they will be spending much time here, I am going to at least dust in the living room as it needs it, vacuum because it needs to be done too and clean my bathroom.  Yeah, it needs some attention. The kitchen floor mopping and anything else will wait for another day.

Work and then play.

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