Mar 14, 2014

I promised you quilt pictures

I guess with having to cancel two meetings due to horrid winter weather, someone (Lois in particular) got a lot of quilting and binding done!

These were the quilts that were turned in for donation at the meeting on Tuesday.  

Bev's panel quilt.  It is backed with flannel and perfect for a little one.  Bev has a long arm quilting machine that she is learning to use and these quilts are an excellent way to practice.

These 6 blocks were from a BOM project that the JOY group did.  I want to say from Sentimental Stitches maybe?  Lois said she lost interest in the project and used what she had done to make this top.

Lois Scrappy Squares #1

Lois Batik Squares and Triangles.  This was part of a quilt kit she got at the guild "garage sale" and she gave me the leftovers though I don't know that I will do the same thing with it.

No, you are not seeing double.  She made two very similar quilts, LOL

Lois Bridgecreek Blossom using a jelly roll.  Terry Atkinson Design.

A group favorite,  Lois' Pineapple Blossom.  Quiltville pattern

Lois' Hunter Star.  I know that she used a Deb Tucker ruler and technique to make this quilt.

Lois' Chiclets or whatever you want to call it, LOL.  There are about 5 ways to make this quilt.

This is Bridget's personal quilt that she is made for her husband.  Sorry I do not remember the pattern name though she did mention it.  The girls were getting ready to pin it.

And there you go-------


  1. Some lovely quilts!

    I am curious about the way you are hanging the quilts, presumably just for photographing? Is it a curtain pole hung over the doors?

  2. Thank you again for sharing. I like your method for hanging the quilts to photograph them. Nice eye candy! Have a great day...hopefully it won't snow where you are (or here in WV either!)

  3. Great pictures, Linda. I still do not see how Lois makes so many quilts. She pumps them out in a hurry. Great job, Lois, Bev, and Bridget!


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