Oct 20, 2006

Cards and tees

Go Cards!! A nail biter to the end but World Series Bound!

Okay, I am not getting anything remotely quilty done today but was up too late because of the ball game and then could not get to sleep once I go to bed--reading for a bit didn't help.

I have half of the t-shirt quilt done--vertical rows are even joined. I sewed later in the evening than I normally do just because of the nervous energy of the ball game. I wanted to know what was happening but not necessarily "watch it", mute the sound and look when I wanted to or follow the progress on MLB gameday like I often do. (By now the talking head announcers have drove me around the bend, one in particular.) So I kept cutting and stitching and it got closer and closer to 11 p.m.

What you are viewing is Finn's "Strip Twist" quilt that she sent us for the WTIL. This is one of two of hers that I hurried up and quilted last weekend. Jane got busy with the binding on this at the sew-in so it was ready for its closeup, LOL. Her mom Sarah was not quite done binding the 2nd one. Love those scrappy quilts as it is so fun to see the bits and pieces here and there. She has nice pile at work on her blog today.

As I was looking through the latest Fons and Porter magazine last night there was a flannel bricks quilts! Great minds must be thinking alike here. First Norma had directed me to a pattern for one online a few weeks back as a possible thought for the kids. Then our own Mama Koch showed her wonderful bricks and cornerstones made with plaids in her Sept. 28 post. Around the time I cut the fabric for my version. I was interested in two things--what size had they cut theirs and how did they quilt it. Answer: 3 1/2 by 6 1/2 or the same as I did and they used an elongated x so it made a diamond pattern---that will work!

Then in the hints columns--most of the time I think like "who didn't know that?" but one of the hints would have been beneficial. They suggested using spray starch or sizing to the back of flannel (that part I knew as Cher swears by it for her flannel quilts) or the homespuns to stabilize the weave before you cut it. Well, too late--mine will just be casually off grain though there is still time to do that on the borders when I get "round tuit" Cher will definitely get her t-shirt quilt done before I do---Eileen tells me she has one to do as well, a commisioned piece. That time of year with Christmas around the corner, would be my guess.

The temperature has dropped about 25 degrees from what it was yesterday. Cold and damp but let's face it 75 and humid as all get out is not fun in the middle of October. Mid 50's is far more seasonable and you can see the starts of the leaves beginning to change--more than a tree here or there. The stew that I put in the oven for supper is starting to waft its aroma out in the house and neither of us will mind the oven being on for hours today.

Well, Pippi decided to let me have the cutting table back so I can at least cut some sashing strips and get a little sewing done anyway. Hope you all have a good weekend ahead.............

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  1. Hey Linda, I'll swap ya a loaf of homemade sourdough oatmeal bread for part of your stew for dinner!!! ROFL You get so much done....most of the time I feel like I'm just a voyuer. :D I love that plaid brick quilt top and was soooo happy to see it in F&P this time! Haven't tried the spray starch yet--I keep forgetting to do that!

  2. I love using starch to keep my fabrics stable. I buy liquid starch concentrate and make my own mix in a spray bottle. When I am quilting, the ironing board is placed in front of the front door. I have been horrified when I catch it at the right angle and see all of the dried starch droplets *s*

  3. I am a Chicago Cubs Fan do I need to say any more? I am very happy the Cards Won.

    I have been saving my sons jeans, flannel shirts and tee shirts for years. I made a quilt with the jeans and flannel shirts. I am looking forward to see your quilt. I will learn from you.

    Also I use starch all the time.

  4. Finn's strip twist turned out great!

    And stew or something savory and roasted sounds good to me, now that the weather is colder now. :)

  5. Love the quilt!

    I'm a Cards fan too!! Woo hoooo!!!!

    Great blog you have here, I'll be back again!

  6. the strip twist looks so much better with a great variety of fabrics! the one I made wasn't nearly as colorful or fun looking-but then, Finn is the queen of scraps :-) Good that you made progress!

  7. Yah Cardinals!! Yah that the playoffs are finally over!!!

    The Strip Twist looks great with your quilting. Hope all that craziness didn't drive you over the edge...LOL

    I'm actually in the mood to sew, so look out afternoon! Still a cold wind from the north here, and I think I'll put a boiled dinner on to cook. I just bought the cabbage..*G* You'll have a good weekend. Hugs, Finn

  8. We had a cool front come thru Thur. night and since I was home Friday with a bad cold/flu thingy I tossed a pot roast in the oven. I've not used my oven more than half a dozen times all summer but I've been dying for a real oven baked pot roast. The crock pot ones just aren't the same. :-)

    That strip twist is high up on my wanna do list. Finn did a great job with that one.

    I've never worked with flannel but I do use spray starch all the time when working with a lot of bias edges. It helps keep them from stretching out of shape when you have to handle them a lot.


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