Oct 11, 2006

still dreaming of quilts

This is another quilt going through my head--"Road to St. Louis" from Trudie Hughes' Even More book. I have a stack of 16 patches started, possibly for another "Whatever"/Chiclet type but this one also appeals to me. We have some cut 2 1/2 inch squares around with more coming and a 2 days sew-in next week. One of the girls called to see if we were working on a "community" block this time and was hoping she could pair up with a buddy---sure, make me some blocks and I'll take it from there!! So basic really---4-four patches and hour glass blocks in between them.

I found this from an internet search of images for this quilt-- from the Fernie (BC, Canada) Quilt Show 2000 where there are many nice quilts to view. It does look like they all took the same class with several of the same quilt popping up. (Like one I recall in Macomb, IL with tons of "Around the Twists"--also by Trudie.)

BUT I see that Bonnie of Quiltville fame had a "Road to St. Louis" that went for Katrina relief and our own Evelyn showed one last month in mid September. Subliminal messages again.

So what have I been up to since I last posted?? Monday was errand day and by afternoon, I had made my Hancock's run. 5 yards of interfacing for the t-shirt quilt, no khaki colored fabric that would work for the sashing though except one piece that I thought looked a little girlie that did not "do" for me BUT I did find the black tone on tone and a white on white for the two SEC quilts. Oh, and some more Bling Kitties for the back of my kitty quilt since I didn't purchase enough on the first go round--this time it had to be the reverse coloration though. I came home and ordered some Moda Marble in mushroom that should work---I am using it anyway, regardless. Looks as close to the requested "khaki" as I am going to get. Forget the yellow undertones, Mom.

Purchasing was as far as it got Monday though. Yesterday I finished cutting up the last 10 t-shirts pairing them with interfacing. Still not enough! This time I got smart, measured up the rough cut pieces remaining and then based on that number I went back for 6 more yards of interfacing. With what I already had on hand for another project, I think I went through about 14 yards of the stuff for a queen/king. File that factoid for future reference, Linda. Here I had not darkened the door of Hancock's for about a month and a half and BAM, twice in two days.

A count shows that I have already stuck down 15 pieces of shirt--with 36 more slated for today and beyond. Once that's done, I can start the design work in EQ to make it fit together. In most cases there is some wiggle room for trimming. Oh the creative process, LOL.

So how do I remember every quilt, block etc, some of you asked?? Obviously I don't but I have had a reputation for a good memory for some time--not a "photographic" one but maybe a little above average. Selective perhaps. Also I am the record keeper almost from the beginning for the donation quilts. I photograph them, log them into the document, match the picture with the description so I guess that reinforces the information. Plus, I truly love the subject of quilt history and quilt blocks. Couple that with the curiosity to know more about the blocks name or the patterns origin and I suppose some of it sticks. When looking for a photo as I did the other day, start searching my own computer for the correct logging document or whatever.

I am going to be asked if I am ready to walk any second now--and of course, I'm not, LOL. Yep, there it is--right on cue. That's it for now..............

Amended note
Okay, back from our stroll and I remembered what else I was going to post today. One of the quilting blogs (maybe Juliann?) was looking for crockpot recipes the other day. This time of year with the weather turning colder I think our thoughts might turn more to hearty stews and soups--mine does, I know. I have a suggestion that you might want to consider for a slew of recipes--crockpot, WW, diabetic, lots from the cooks on Food Network etc are posted on Mad's Recipe Emporium. They are zipped files formatted for Mastercook software (which I do own) but you don't HAVE to have that to view the recipes. They also have a free (and small) utility viewer (scroll down the left menu bar) that works with notepad so you can still access the recipes. Literally 100's (1000's) of recipes at your disposal.

I should probably add that I collect cookbooks and have far more than I will ever use for the space allowed. There is already have one tall bookcase in the kitchen and another bookcase that used to hold my stereo equipment years ago and books years ago. It still holds my old, can't ditch albums, LOL. My grandmother gave me a bunch more cookbooks as well before she died so those are stored in my bedroom entertainment center for now. My favorite one to look at is the clippings one that belonged to my great-grandmom.

Okay that is really it for today----I promise, LOL.


  1. I really like that pattern. Looks like another "whatever block" yet it's so simply that it break down to 2- 4 patches and 2 HST's, and I like that you don't have the white spaces that the "whatever" block can give you when it's set together. Plus I just like the dark on light graphic of the squares on point! All over a great pattern to keep in the catalog!!

  2. I like this example for using up your blocks. Heck, I think I just have to admit that I like them all *s*

  3. Hi Linda, I see you are busy, busy, busy as usual..*VBS* I really love that you are as in "tune" and obsessed about quilts and their names and what make "a" block, the way they go together, etc, etc, etc!!

    As in that Road to St. Louis...it really doesn't appear to made up of 4 patches and that spacer setting...but it is...*VBS* And that's so neat!
    Keep up the great work, talk to you soon. Hugs, Finn

  4. I like the Road to St. Louis pattern too. I may have to do one myself one of these days.

  5. I like the quilt you posted...easy and scrapy yet it is appealing.
    Gotta post my t-shirt quilt...you and your subliminal messages!

    Also..thanks for the recipe site. I love cookbooks too. Never enough fabric or recipes.

    take care.

  6. I really like that quilt. It reminds me of stained glass for some reason. I also have lot's of cookbooks and sadly I don't use recipes from them often enough. I know I'm bad.I also have a good memory but only with the fabric I have bought. I will never buy the same fabric twice and let me tell you I have lot's and lot's!I just scan the fabric at stores and know if I have already bought it or not.

  7. Nothing like a virtual quilt show to jot the inspiration into gear! Thanks for the link.

    The weather here is cooler too. I love recipes that can be made in "bulk" and put into the freezer, then brought out later and heated in the crock pot. Having a hot meal waiting for you when you get home from work is so wonderful!

  8. T-shirts quilts suck up an amazing amount of interfacing, don't they? At least it's cheap! Can you imagine that many yards at, say, $8 a pop??

    I collect cookbooks myself, but mine are thrift store treasures from various past decades that usually, I buy for the photos and the laughs. They are slowly but surely taking over my kitchen...


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