Today I am sharing pictures of two special quilts that were sent to the Bama Belles by Libby who wanted these to go to the Boys Big Oak Ranch. They are even better in person and already quilted, bound and everything--we will just attach the WTIL labels. I asked Libby if she was going to post pictures on her blog and she replied that she had not planned to and they had already found a new home. We thank her again for her generosity and direct any compliments her way. Aren't these wonderful!?

Because I was waiting for my Hancocks order to be delivered, my t-shirt quilt was put on hold. That's okay though--Friday afternoon I decided to put my time to good use and pulled out one of the pinned quilts in my stack. Finn had sent two tops a month or so back but I knew they were going to the boys and there was no rush when round robins and other quilting intervened. I got an email from one of the Belles who said to save her some handwork for the sew-in. She can have the binding detail and sew the labels on Libby's two quilts.

I finished up the quilting on the Strip Twist last evening (I think that is the right name) with enough time leftover to do zoom lines on the polka dot rail fence with alternating blocks. I'll see if I cannot get these linked up to the pictures she may have shown on her blog before she sent them off to us. Otherwise I'll post the pics once the binding is done.

I need to cut binding for one of the quilts yet and get it attached this afternoon. Only other thing on the sewing schedule would be to add the missing fabric to my cat quilt back so we can possibly pin it at the sew-in. Then it is off to the kitchen as I need to make some food items to cart to the sew-in.

I plan on concentrating on getting the homespun bricks top pieced. We will be working both Monday and Tuesday from about 9-5. If I should manage to get the top finished in one day, I can possibly do 3-D bowties or put some nine patch blocks into some sort of setting for another top. As always there is never any shortage of things to do!

Hope you all are having a good weekend---

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  1. Those are two beautiful quilts! Libby was very generous!

  2. Wow both quilts are wonderful!! Thanks Libby! I hope you have a wonderful time at the sew-in getting all that work done!

  3. Beautiful quilts. Don't know where you all get your energy from, the sew-in sounds like a real hive of industry.

  4. What beautiful quilts - and how very sweet of Lilly to send them to you! You are one very busy lady!

  5. Whoops! Slip of the fingers - of course I meant Libby!

  6. Wow, those two quilts are BEAUTIFUL!! Libby, you are such a generous person!!

  7. Those quilts are just stunning! How very generous indeed!

  8. Those are great quilts, and look like a lot of work, too! I'm sure the boys will enjoy them. That monkey wrench in those colors just looks like a boy kinda pattern to me. :)

  9. Hi Linda, I'm just thrilled for the Bama Belles and for the Boy's Ranch that more quilts are coming in...*VBS* That Libby is really a sweetie!!! *VBS*

    Sounds like there will be plenty of work to keep everyone busy at the Sew In. Wish I could join you, Hugs, Finn

  10. Libby's quilts are wonderful and as always I'm in awe of all you do with your charity quilting.

    I try to make a large part of my quilting for charitable causes but the group you work with does so much more.

    It's wonderful to see your blog generating even more contributions from the internet community.

  11. Those quilts are gorgeous! What a generous gift. I hope her family doesn't start up a lynch mob because they didn't get them-LOL

  12. Absolutely luscious quilts! The appliqued one looks especially delicious! lol Great job, all of you.

  13. Hi Linda, how generous of Libby to send you those quilts for your charity work, gorgeous quilts, and wonderful work you have chosen to do. Nancy in MT


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