Oct 23, 2006

Mail Call!

Just before lunch a horn honked signaling us that their was an oversized package waiting for us. Nope, not the fabric I was expecting from Hancock's of Paducah to finish up the t-shirt quilt. DJ said it looked like Christmas when I came in. Poor guy only got a mailing from our Ford dealership but I had a haul.

A mailing from Norma with a pattern mailer from "Quick Quilts" I had not seen---more ideas of what to do with plaids and homespuns among other things! Thanks, Norma.

Two priority boxes from Finn--stuffed to the gills. Three quilt tops, cut squares, blocks needing a new home, a book for me to sell for fund raising, more blocks that just need a few more blocks made. And if that were not enough, this one here was loaded with fabric that can be cut into squares or strips. I want to make another bowtie top or two and my cut squares are not necessarily appropriate for guys at this point. Thanks Finn and pal Betsy!

Now here is the surprise package. Nadine had posted that she was looking for a particular copy of APQ. I had it on the shelf and told her I would be happy to send it to her just for the mailing costs in return. Look what she sent me as a "thank you"! What a cute cat wallhanging that reminds me of yin and yang. Does she know the key to my heart or what?? That cute little kitty card came with it--that is almost like a present in itself and I am sticking that right up on my bulletin board in a minute. Can you tell that it is like dimensional--that cat in raised relief over the cathedral window background?? Thanks to Nadine as well! I would say that I got the better end of this swap.

The quilt behind is the nine patch blocks of Finn's that I put on point yesterday afternoon and evening. It is a bit small so I wish I had made another block to add one more row of blocks. I certainly could have done so. I have a bright green that I will use for an inner border and binding and will use that yellow daisy strip for the outer border. Two for one picture, LOL. I'll finish this up after supper tonight.

My digital picture prints came as well. I get two copies--one for whoever made the quilt and one for the photo albums that we keep. We had those dug out at the sew in the other day to show examples of what a "Leap Frog" pattern looks like---nope, no frogs but that's what the designer used for hers. (Like my Kitty quilt with the woven bands of color from earlier in the month or last month.)

Oh, and I got an unexpected phone call from Pam yesterday. Color me happy and grateful for my friends both near and far! I can't wait for her to be able to show you all her first EQ designed quilt and the quilt she made from that design. It is way cool!

This was errand day. The sun is out but the wind is pretty brisk and just barely hit 50 by 2:30. DJ and I waited to walk but that first lap was not very pleasant---reversing directions helped a bit. It would have been way to easy to blow it off but tomorrow is expected to be worse. Almost November so we can expect that. More changes in leaf color are seen and when I travel to TN Friday through Sunday, I can anticipate admiring that. Best hit the kitchen--tacos tonight so some chopping and dicing are ahead in preparation with the leftovers slated for other dishes this week. Posted by Picasa


  1. I would say that you had an excellent 'mail day.' *s*

  2. Wish my mail person would deliver stuff like that!

    Looking forward to seeing Finn's quilt tops and scraps. :)

  3. sounds like a great day for the mail -- much better than my bills :-)

  4. I love it when Mr. Brown brings me a package. And since Mr. Brown delivers to the office before our home he always askes me if I want my personal pkgs at the office or if I want him to take them to the house...Mr. Brown is a nice guy!

    Your haul today looks great!

  5. You continue to amaze me. You accomplish so much!

    What incredible packages you received. Friends near and far are great.

  6. it does look like Christmas early for you my friend..thanks for the great photos showing off the wonderful goodies!

  7. What a lovely mailbox surprise you got. I am sure you were in quiltheaven this day.
    One thing for sure, quilters are like a warm quilt wrapped around the heart.

  8. I love to have the bell ring and not expect anything, but hear Postman!!!! It's always fun! You got quite a big haul it seems and the ladies were certainly generous!! Now some questions...Where you going in TN Linda?? Someplace fun?

    Where do you send your digital pictures to be developed? I think our Walmart does this is you send the pics, but I'd love to have some prints of what pictures I take here at home.

    Hugs, Judy

  9. What a great day of mail. That little cat wall hanging is adorable.

  10. happy mail day! what fun!

  11. Poor hubby. Looks like you get all the GOOD STUFF!

    Tell him I'll send him my GM flyers if he'd like them too!

  12. Wow, you did have a happy mail day. I rarely even get one package, let alone three in the same day! I think I am going to have to send a forwarding address to your mailman, so I can intercept some of your goodies!
    Hmm, I wonder if there is a way to make sure your bills still go to you?

  13. Nadine strikes again! What a gem!


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