day two sew in report

Theramae had set her sailboats aside as she needed some fabric from home. She is in the process of making a "Road to Ireland" top from M'liss Rae Hawley's book Fat Quarter Quilts . To the right in the picture is a Snuggle Up that I cut for her (actually I cut two--Sarah said she would sew the other and I cut hers a bit wider). We had been looking at a bunch of fabric that had been donated by Cher, Antoinette and Finn with boy motifs---when 5 of them seemed to go together and there was plenty of it, this pattern seemed to be a natural, LOL.

Here is Lois at work on her butterfly challenge quilts. I told her that I tried to upload a shot on Monday but "lost" the pic. She got one of her 24 blocks done just so I could show you what her log cabin blocks will look like. I think she had 8 rounds of the 10 done on the other 23 so good progress was being made. Gotta love those pinks, purples and teals!

Carolyn and Ada teamed up to make 24 nine patch blocks that I will probably sash and cornerstone to finish up. I drug along my 3 1/2 inch cut squares box and suggested they pick out the non-girly ones. Carolyn manned the machine while Ada cut if needed and pressed for her.

Jane took this one of me finishing up the last few rows of the bricks quilt. I left the border fabric at home so it is not quite done. Nor did I get to the other top that I hoped to assemble--a stack of nine patches in an on point setting --but it will be there when I am ready all kitted up. I had also planned to get the backings ready for my mom's John Deere tractor tops but that didn't happen either. The muslin bolt came home with me so I'll get to it.

Pat ended up with a stack of 24- 16 patches by the time we quit. Betsy was probably half done with all her sale boats shooting for at least 20 or 24. Jane had the binding done on Finn's Strip Twist (I'll post a pic of that in my next post along with that darling turkey from Veronica), Sarah was almost done with the Rails with Alternate blocks one she had been binding. Pat was binding Betsy's Pioneer Braid. I think we pinned two tops??--one for sure. I would have done a third (second?) one before we left but the backing appeared to be a couple inches too short--always next time.

We closed up shop about 3:30 or 4'ish. I know I walked in the door at home about 5 or close to it. We had to put all tables I had drug out away in the storage closet and rearrange the chairs. Small rant: the church has bought new, shorter, lighter molded tables for the fellowship hall but we are not supposed to sew on them per request of the donor. Pinning, I could see having to use the old ones but sewing?? Come on, we are adults and can take care of someone else's property! Just makes things harder on us and then no one wants to bring their machines to the regular meetings.

Carolyn, bless her, vacuumed the strings up. Normally on a meeting day we don't have to bother with this but with two days worth of sewing, it is better that we hit the high spots. Also the kitchen needed to be straightened up, dishwasher run and trash out. etc, etc, etc.

By the time, we left the sun was blazing and it felt like an absolute sauna outside (rain and high winds overnight) so that made for a sticky job loading and unloading the cars. All my muscles ached and I needed some Motrin. Once it kicked in, I felt more like myself. DJ even commented that I must be feeling better--when I came home I seemed like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders but by 8, 2nd wind kicked in. I got all my stuff put away and was working on my entries for the quilt show. Then was too revved up by bed time to get to sleep--doesn't it figure??

Well, errands await--once that's done, it will be back to the t-shirt quilt which I would like to have done by end of the week, if possible. Everything but the sashing bits are ready to roll.

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  1. Looks like a productive couple of days!! I hope you share your quilt show entries with us!

  2. Hi Linda, the projects are looking just great!!
    I really love the look of the plaid bricks..very boyish! All you gals work so hard, but for such a great cause. I'm just so proud to be able to help a little...*VBS* Please do tell the Belles they are all such special ladies. Hugs, Finn

  3. How nice to be able to 'share the action' with you all! Thanks for the photos.
    Jeanne :)

  4. Wow - that's a lot of work accomplished in only 2 days. Love seeing the photos.

  5. No wonder you needed the Motrin! That's a lot of work, setting up, tearing down, loading it up... We had a similar experience with our group about "rules" as to how to treat the meeting room. We finally had to find a different place when they were never satisfied with how the place was left. And, you're right! We're adults and we know how to take care of other's things! Most of us, anyway... can't wait to see the t-shirt quilts.

  6. ANotehr productive day of sewing with the gang!! I am really liking that sweet table base that Lois has on her machine..very nice wooden ta ble set...did someone make that for her or did it come with her machine? Very nice, especially for something like this.

    All the stuff you guys got done is simply staggering! I'd need far more than a motrin!

  7. You guys got a lot accomplished. I think it helps having a group work together and it's fun!

  8. You wear me out just reading the list of things you accomplished! It was so nice to see pictures of the quilters behind all the lovely quilts that you show us! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I'm with Norma - I got worn just reading about your day. I wish I could have a quilting day as good as yours!

  10. You did get a lot done! And I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished top on all these quilts you started this week. :)

  11. Busy Busy Belles! Way to go Bama Belles you are awesome! I am always amazed that your group seems to get so much done...and your volunteers have stuck together for quite some time now. What a great group of ladies!

  12. Sounds like you all had another busy day. Nice to see the photos.

  13. I love seeing pictures of your friends. Family, work, and obligations pretty much limit outside friendships for me. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Sounds like such fun to get together and sew. AND to actually get a bunch done. OHhhhhh..only in my dreams!


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