Oct 28, 2006

no trip after all

No, I didn't make the trip up to TN to see my friend and my family after all. I awoke to pouring down rain that according to the hourly forecast projections on both I-59 and I-24 showed no sign of lessening. It would not have mattered if I had waited a few more hours to leave either. My friend confirmed that my drive would have been rainy, possibly heavy and thunderstorms on the TN side as well. I don't drive much in the rain at average speeds let alone at 65 or 70 mph.

So I stayed safely at home and will make the trip up at a later date--to be determined later. I decided to make good use of time that afternoon and get the borders on the little nine patch top I had left hanging for several days. DJ came in and asked WHY was I sewing---if I HAD gone on my trip, I would have taken the day off! I said, I had already piddled away Weds and Thurs that week and I was getting back to "work" He said "you act like it is a 'job" sometimes and it is supposed to be fun!" Well, that t-shirt quilt WAS a job, of sorts and as much as I am not fond of putting on borders, the process of piecing and sewing is still "fun" overall or I would not be doing it. I sew--that's what I do-- and he just doesn't get it. I don't know what he thought I should be doing instead of sewing.

I started sewing some of the strips I cut last evening while I watched Game 5 and chatted with Pam. I thought I might as well devote part of my weekend to what I had planned to do with Cindy and Jan and their guild friends--sew a couple of tops for the Domestic Violence group. I got all initial strip pairings together and then went to watch the rest of the game with DJ.

Yesterday was DJ's grandson's 14th birthday. Joshua had called Papa D to thank him for his birthday gift and told him that he was having the best day of his life that day. He had been honored with "student of the month" at his high school, had been "partying" that day at school, the Cardinals were going to win the World Series on his birthday and they were ordering pizza from his (our) favorite pizza restaurant. I assume his best friend was coming over as well---Scottie is Cards fan too (though his dad is a Cub fan--makes for a lot of good natured ribbing between the families) Well, turns out Josh was right---they DID win. DJ and I are thrilled along with a lot of other Cardinal fans.

So what are you looking at here? DJ went up to the Gadsden quilt show with me this morning. I drove and he paid for lunch, LOL. Given a viewers choice ballot, he got right into the spirit of picking out his favorites. Actually I had pointed out one of my own quilts--a Slither top that I had finished up earlier this year. Smart man, noted the number and started filling it on the category though I told him he should only select it if he thought it was one of his 3 favs in that category. About that time someone came up to me after they pointed her my direction and wanted to know the pattern source. I had submitted that information on all of the entries but Gary edited it off due to space concerns, he said. Anyway the woman she said she voted for it too---what else could you say but thanks for the vote of confidence?

The quilt at top left if Carolyn's mystery quilt. (Ignore the fabric at back as that is the quilt behind it on the racks. ) The stack and whack is Ada's from a long ago quilt class that several of us Belles took together we think in 2000 or 2001. The other at lower left is a neat-o cat quilt that I know was folded up at the bottom. I did not recognize the makers name. I DO recognize the cat head pattern as being one from Quiltmaker magazine as I have a few of these blocks made--and more from the Belles that can eventually be turned into a top. I would have taken a few more pictures but the batteries in my camera quit working about 6 pics into the process.

I DID finish up the 2 snuggle up tops just a bit ago and will send them onto Cindy---question being, quilted or not. I know they were planning on tying some. Probably birthing them first. I prefer doing the standard method and binding them--that's already cut anyway. Answered my own question, LOL.

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  1. better to stay home and be safe-and quilting up your own storm! great going gf.

  2. I know you were looking forward to being at Cindy's but GETTING there was a bit worrisome, glad you were able to get the planned tops done all the same. There will be other times you can go to Cindy's.

    Love the bright heart/cat quilt.

    Was fun keeping track of our individual progresses today and to keep each other motivated.

  3. I'm sorry you didn't get to go on your trip. You folks are all getting lots of rain and here in rain country we have foggy mornings followed by sunshine! Sounds like you certainly put your time to go use today anyway, instead of feeling sorry for yourself because you couldn't go.

  4. So sad to hear that you weren't able to make it to TN. It sounds like you made good use of your time, working on the quilts that you would have taken with you to work on. Nice to hear that you had such wonderful "company" to attend the quilt show. So sweet of DJ to vote for your quilt--although I am sure you deserve that vote! Nothing better than finishing the outing by being treated to lunch!

  5. I'm sorry you missed out on our trip but you did the smart thing. Me I probably would have gone anyway and regretted it every mile I had to drive thru the heavy rain. At least you had the quilt show to keep you busy. Smart DJ for voting for your quilt. LOL!

  6. I like the Slither quilt especially the borders. Sounds like you had a good time. I have the same problem with my digital camera batteries. I don't like driving in the rain at all myself. Better to stay home on ugly rainy days.

  7. Hey, how 'bout those Cards?!? Congrats. Maybe some day my poor ole' Royals will be competitive again. :(

  8. Yeah Cards!!! A good idea to stay out of the rain and enjoy sewing at home. That would have been my choice, too.

  9. I'm sorry you didn't ge tto go, but white knuckling at 70 mph is tough on the nerves. Better safe than sorry! The quilts are great! Where is the pictures of yours???

  10. About ten women showed up to quilt at Cindy's, from 9 until around 3. Most of us took home tops to finish off. I think there will be at least 12 to go to the shelter. I took pictures and will send them to you when I can. The rain stopped around 4 pm on Friday and we have had Sun SUn Sun since then. Cindy had a bed turning and I saw several quilts which had your hand or Elsie's in them


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