Oct 3, 2006


Nothing I can show you today but one that I made some years back that I would like to revisit. It is called "Kris' Three Patch" and was featured in Template Free Quiltmaking by Trudie Hughes, published by That Patchwork Place in 1986. It was a fun quilt to sew and looks a whole lot more complicated to make than it was.

Today was a walking morning for DJ and I. Just before lunch I had an appointment to meet with the fellow that wants a queen/king t-shirt quilt made for his son along with two wallhanging sized SEC (football, Jan, not financial, LOL) quilts for two of his clients. In between I had four other stops to make in and around Anniston--combine those errands when you can, right?

Vaughn had a pile of t-shirts laying on his conference room table when I got there and the SEC stuff all sacked up for me. The design will change to something more like THIS and cut to accomodate an SEC logo t-shirt so I wont have to piece the lettering this time. So he and I and then Mom has a little confab about which sides of the shirts to use and what color neutral to use for the sashing bits. (like khaki pants though I don't know how good that will look with the gray shirts) Oh, and it will probably be closer to king sized. I don't have to quilt it, thank goodness. A long armer is lined up for that job. I may well be asked to make one to raffle for the school come spring--forewarned, I guess. The SEC ones, I can handle on my own home machine.

But first, finish up the round robin. I have one side done and on the quilt. Somehow I had to add one more square to what I thought was needed--a slightly smaller one. It is only a 1/4 inch difference so I doubt it will be noticeable. (DJ couldn't tell which one it was when I showed him.) How did I mess up the math that much?? I was pretty sure that this thing was square this time but 2 1/2 inches off? It also occured to me yesterday that the horizontal sides were NOT supposed to be mirrored. I may have overcut some of the half square rectangle pieces. I don't care so much about my own fabric wastage but I DO about hers since there was not a lot of it leftover. I really don't want to go to Birmingham this week for more fabric--now, next week may be another story if I ever get this thing finished.

I am behind in reading and commenting on your blogs right now---bear with me, I'll be back. Supper is already made--pasta salad using some of the Bernstein Cheese and Garlic Italian dressing that Pam sent me--so except for eating dinner and stretching breaks I have a good stretch of time to get back to foundation piecing. But, first I have to tape them together and cut them out--what DJ calls cutting out "paper dolls" TTYL Posted by Picasa


  1. So glad you are moving right along on that RR....and as is typical LJ...you are lining up projects for the future. Good for you!!!

    Did you like the salad?

  2. I think I want to come to your house for dinner-sounds a lot betteer (and ready) than what I'm having!LOL

  3. progress made and future earnings...good!

  4. Hi Linda, sounds like a very good kind of "busy" between now and the holidays...*VBS* You are always busy, but this will definitely keep you going..but a neat challenge and nice to have a few more $$$$ of those too!
    Love the pink and brown, and yes, it does look complicated, so nice to hear it's not.
    I'm back from my appointments. Definitely NO fun and games, but it's done for this year.
    Talk to you soon, the bed beckons. Hugs, Finn

    P.S. So far only me has "this"..thank goodness.


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