Oct 31, 2006

Happy Halloween! No sewing going on today and just a bit yesterday.

I had planned to get back to work on the toad BQ that I showed you in my last post but with it being errand day I only got around to seaming a quilt back, making another quilt's worth of binding and then pressing binding for 4 quilts.

Jane and Sarah had dropped the quilt show entries off so those needed to go back up into the closet in some semblance of order. I mentioned that I was going to go over this morning to pin the tops that I will be sending up to TN and they offered to come help. Not going to turn that down--we got four tops pinned leaving three in my stack to pin at our next meeting. Or I'll go over sooner should I run out of anything to do before the 14th, LOL--not likely!

DJ came by the meeting place on his way back from golf to see how much longer I might be working---translation: go to Cici's for lunch or go home for leftovers. Who can time things like that? I told him to go out to eat. When we finished sooner than I thought, I did head over to the restaurant but I think I must have missed him by about 10 minutes. Oh well, I get to see his smiling face across the table often enough.

I did need to go out to Hobby Lobby though before I came home. The supply of muslin at the church was depleted as well as my own personal stash of it. We like to use stuff in the donation bin when we can for a "fun" back but that is not always possible when a top is oversized, wrong color etc. I prefer the Roc-lon stuff because it all goes together and the leftovers/cutaways can be used for piecing. Armed with a 40% off coupon, I found a 50 yard bolt of 36 wide (would have preferred the 44 but they only had it in bleached and I wanted natural). I didn't have to have the clerk measure it off and got it the whole thing for $31 and change. For my own personal purchase, it was best to let them order me a bolt and just buy a few yards for the time being. Dropped the bolt off on the way home, ran a couple more errands and back home again.

Since I don't have anything further along with my own piecing, here are a couple from the quilt show last weekend. I love doing embroidery and thought the child's redwork quilt was so sweet. This little monkey was a stitch!! I don't know if you can tell but the monkey on top has big red pompoms placed in a strategic spot across the bodice. A fun little quilt--nice and bright.

The other brightly colored on at left is a top that Finn sent us for the kids earlier this summer that I quilted earlier in the month. Sarah had been working on binding it at the sew-in. It is now finished so DJ got pressed into being quilt holder when he helped cart things in. Thanks, Finn! One of the boys will love this!

We don't expect any trick or treaters tonight. The neighborhood kids are big enough as are the grandkids of the couple two houses down. They are having a cookout on Saturday night and invited us to come down for chili, hot dogs and toasted marshmallows. I had run into Bob and Gwen at the grocery store yesterday with some industrial sized cans of beans, etc. DJ asked if the other families on the lane are coming too or they just asked us because I was standing there. Don't know and I am not going to second guess it either. I'll make a cake to share, show up at 6 and be glad for the invitation to join them and their family.

Well, I'm off to wind some bobbins and do some zoom lines on those Snuggle Ups. Posted by Picasa


  1. The little embroidery quilt is just sweet -- it has a vintage look to it *s*

  2. Happy Halloween, Linda! That embroidered quilt is adorable, and I love the bright colors of the other quilt! :) Hope you enjoy your cookout on Sat. night...tell DH not to look a gift horse in the mouth, just accept the invitation and enjoy! LOL

  3. Happy Halloween to you too! Great quilts! Hope you're having a good week.

  4. That monkey quilt is very cute!

    It is nice that you are able to join some neighbours for some Halloween night fun!

    We do get the trick or treaters so dh and I take turns running the stairs to the front door! I should wear off any chocolate I eat by the end of the night!

  5. Love the monkeys! Enjoy the halloween fun with the neighbors - sounds like a great way to celebrate. We hardly ever get any trick or treaters any more which is very disappointing. All the kids are grown I guess.

  6. Love the monkey quilt - so bright and cute.

  7. Hi Linda, sound like a perfect kind of day to me..*VBS*
    Someone to help you pin, good stuff done, a dinner invitation, and great quilts to share...*VBS*

    I got about nothing accomplished today...mostly a result of the 5 hours of cleaning and straightening up in the garage yesterday..ouch!
    My legs, back, hips and shoulder are all complaining. Tomorrow I can sew I think..*VBS* Hugs, FInn

  8. Oh, nice quilts! and cute monkeys. :)

  9. those monkeys are a HOOT! I can see it firing the imagination of some lucky child.

  10. The quilts are all fabulous, as normal! Good deal on the muslin...a whole bolt for 30.00 is a great price!


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