Oct 5, 2006

done, done, done

Join me in a happy dancing---my round robin obligation is completed one week before the due date. 92 foundation pieced half square rectangle units later, I'm done. As stated in my previous posts, no pictures since the owner might see it so you get to see one of Pippi instead, LOL.

Other than steadily working on the round robin for the past two days there is not much going on around my house. Other than our usual walking routine, a few errands, out for lunch with DJ today I have hardly been out of the house. That may make for a boring post today but I'll take boring about any day.

Tomorrow I believe it is time to clean up this house rather than hit the high spots. The kitchen floor is in dire need of mopping. With paper piecing, I've tracked bits all over every where. Vacuuming is definitely needed. No stitching, cutting, piecing or quilting till this is tended to.

Off to see what you all are up to-----


  1. Way to go! Celebrate tomorrow! Do something fun! Time for a reward!

  2. congrats on finishing ahead of schedule! wow I'm impressed. Now you've "found" a whole week for your own quilting :-)

  3. I'm happy dancing with you! Well done ... think we can get kitty to join in?? That's one relaxed cat you've got there!

  4. Patting you on the back my friend!!! and a wk to spare! Maybe you can use that "spare wk" to finish your kitty quilt....kinda like rewarding yourself??

  5. Telling us the RR ogre is done is not a boring post ;-) I can feel your relief all the way here. I am looking forward to when you can show us a photo. This was not the last round, was it ?

  6. doing the happy dance with you and hoping I have some happy dancing to do of my own after my day of sewing

  7. I know you're glad to have that obligation done!

    And you know me. I'm always happy to get Pippi pictures. :-) She's colored very similary to my Agatha.

  8. When you're done, come on over and help me out. I'm not allowed to bend, cook, or do anything right now.
    Enjoy your down time while it lasts.

  9. Sadly we all muc stop occasionally and clean the house! Must be done so we can get back to the good stuff!!

  10. It is always so nice to get something finished before the due date!
    I hope that we will get to see all the round robin quilts eventually.

  11. so glad to hear you are done with the Round Robin and a week early.

  12. Wonderful to hear that the round robin is finis!! Call that a good job done!
    92 pieced pieces?? Oh my goodness.
    Catch you later, Hugs, Finn


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