Oct 14, 2006

No Name Nine Patch Duo tutorial

Google Documents and Spreadsheets may have made it possible to post this handout I had once shared with my quilt group. This is an experiment on posting a document on hand to my blog. (It may have messed up my sidebar temporarily, from what I could tell before editing). This might open up another way of sharing information on my blog!!


One of the Bama Belles saw a picture of a quilt that I had made several years ago from some donation fabric and wondered how to make this. It is technically called “No-Name Four Patch Duo” and the original pattern was found in Marti Michell’s book Quilting for People Who Still Don’t Have Time to Quilt. Publisher: American School of Needlework ISBN 0-88195-863-8 .

I did not follow the directions, however as it makes more sense to me to do this as an uneven nine patch. I renamed it. There are two separate blocks that comprise this graphically interesting quilt.



I made my blocks 7 inch finished but really you could make them any size you wish. You may want the smaller strips a bit wider and it is your quilt so feel free to do size. If you want to do yours as shown cut 5 ½ inch strips x width of fabric (WOF) in three colors, light, dark and a contrasting colored fabric. Also cut 1 ½ inch strips of each one. If my calculations are correct, four strips of each color and in each size should do it. You will probably need at least a yard of each color to make the body of the quilt as shown EXCLUDING borders and binding.

My quilt as pictured featured 5 blocks by 7 with a 2 inch inner border and folded inset border and a 3.5 inch wide outer border and finished about 50 x 63—right in range for our donation quilts or a lap quilt.

Basically you need to make four different strip sets and then cut into 5 ½ and 1 ½ inch sub-sections. Join the sections as shown to make the blocks shown on page 1. 18 of one (light-dark-light) and 17 of the alternating block (dark-light-dark)

Do the same thing with the dark-light-dark combination to form the alternating block. There you have it!!


  1. pretty snappy graphics and pattern LJ!
    thanks for sharing!

  2. Great tutorial! How did you do your graphics--EQ?

  3. Very nice...great pictures. How did you do the graphics? Thanks for sharing

  4. I love the quilt and your graphics turned out good.

  5. Thanks for sharing the quilt pattern!

  6. Hi Linda, I love your tutorial...! Great job on explaining what looks very complicated!! I think I will have to give this one a try. And for what it's worth...your whole blog looks to be intact. Hugs, FInn

  7. What a great quilt! It looks simple to put together, and another one for those fabrics that are almost too pretty to cut up. Thank you!

  8. Love the pattern, I imagine it would be a great quilt for a man, depending on the fabric choices. That's what I thought of immediately. Thanks for sharing it. Darn, my 'to do ' list gets longer everytime I check bloglines!!!LOL

  9. A very graphic quilt - thanks for sharing the instructions with us. A girl can never have too many patterns *s*

  10. Wow, you made it so easy!! I'll have to print this out for future quilt making. Thanks!


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