Saturday sewing

I started off my day by mopping the kitchen floor--the only cleaning that I didn't get done yesterday. DJ helped by dragging the chairs out, sweeping and vacuuming. Then we did our morning walk. The next thing I knew, it was lunch time, LOL.

Tomorrow I will be starting on the commissioned t-shirt quilt so today I just wanted a little "do in a day" project and decided to just make one of these tessellated leaf blocks. Stitched up, quilted and bound while I watched the Cardinal game (and then the nerves got to me and off to watch something on the DirecTV Showtime preview)

I first saw this pattern on Victoriana Quilt Designs as a block of the month last year. I looked for site to direct you to there but I guess something you need to be a member to access.

A Google search came up with a smaller one HERE on the old PC Piecers site. Obviously it has been around a bit but had not crossed my horizon. Like the PC Piecers site, I had foundation pieced my version for a fall insert to my calendar quilt to use before the ghostie one I showed you in this post .

UPDATE: ed note. A couple of you have wondered what size I made my block--I printed it off to foundation piece it at 8 inch finished but it looked a little big so while I had the paper still on it I trimmed of all the seam allowance since it did not affect the overall design.

Also Julie asked if this was an "Ozark Maple Leaf"---a google search found a block titled that at Quilter's Cache. Marcia designed hers with all over squares. Personally I cannot see sewing two or three squares together to make a rectangular strip but that's just me, LOL. Just makes me wonder who really came up with the pattern when I see all these variations. She called it a "traditional block" but I do not see it listed in BlockBase but perhaps like anything else, it has a different name. lchj
Below is a full sized one that I drew up in EQ. Recently though the Belles and I tried one called "Whispering Leaves" from the August 1997 issue that eliminated a lot of the pieces using cut squares and then little prairie point type things for the triangle units so it had a dimensional appearance rather than all the strips and "Exquisite" blocks. I got one block of 4 together at the meeting but have not touched it since.

So I believe that I will get the straight foot back on the sewing machine and get the backing for my cat quilt together. Pam has been anxious for me to get that quilt done, LOL, especially after I told her other things are going to intervene this month. Once that's done, who knows?

Hope you all are having a great weekend------ Posted by Picasa


  1. Wow! You certainly got that wall hanging done quickly. Looks great.

  2. Your tesselating leaves looks very good - both in real life and in EQ drawing ! I like the idea of the changeable quilt and my head is playing with it. I have to keep to my daily hour on the Watermelon quilt for now. I have just bought some remnants of the bolt, CW repros, on eBay, that I want to play with too. Good I did not join any fabric diets this month ;-) The last batch I got at 3 am the 1st. of October, my time and it arrived today.
    In fact I want 3 projects done before starting anything of any size bigger than a matchbox - the Watermelon quilt top, the stitchery tote and Tonya's letter project. I am wishing for stamina here - I have the backbone of a jellyfish ;-)

  3. Nice tesselation quilt!

    And wtg, getting your floor done... do your cats hate a just mopped wet floor like mine do? Libby minces thru the damp, picking up one paw at a time, shaking it... lol

  4. what a stricking tesselation. Way to go!

  5. oh, I do like how this came out-good for you to do a little something for yourself like this!

  6. I love the way you interpreted this pattern to suit your needs. That sawtooth border is just perfect for it.

  7. What an interesting new leaf block! New to me, at least! What was the finished size?

  8. I am impressed, pieced, quilted, and bound in a day you say! You were real productive when I wasn't pestering you on Yahoo! I love the version you showed on the PC Piecers site. It looks lovely in the rich green and light version. You are tempting me to start another project. We will see how much will power I have after all! *LOL*

  9. And isn't it a cute thing,too!

  10. Good to know others need to do something to just "finish"! lol I love little projects inbetween the big ones. This is a great tesselating block. I, too, need to know how big is the block and the finished quilt? Might be one for my to-do list, as well. Great job!

  11. very cute, Linda -- is that the Ozark Maple Leaf block? It's another of the ones on my to-do list.

  12. Oh that was quick - nice to have a completion all in one day.

  13. I had a quite long and wonderful visit of your blog this morning. The quilts are so beautiful and your works with friends are so creative ! Thanks for that. I'll come back very often !

    PS : I just LOVE Pippi too ! So cute !

    Smiles and friendship threads,

    NADINE in Belgium.

  14. Gotta love those fall colors.

  15. PS. I found the block in Block Base, since you mentioned it. It is block # 1440 Maple Leaf Design. I know I have seen it in Foundation Factory too - in the section for tesselating designs - I think :-)


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