Happy Dancing!

I cannot take a picture of it because it is just so big but the t-shirt quilt top is done as of a half hour ago. (You get a picture of Pippi kitty instead, LOL. ) The fabric I was waiting for arrived just before lunch so I got busy finishing the last row soon after.

Earlier this morning I met Lauren one of the girls in my round robin group over at Hancock's for a consultation. Normally she would put her head together with another friend but this time she has that's friend's top. Ada who just happened to have Lauren's this round had some fabric to pick up from her so once we all weighed in on what to do with Pat's then Ada and I conferred. Ada came by the house to pick up some stuff that I had used in earlier rounds that might work and went home with a book that had a possible idea and something I drew up and printed from EQ5 for her.

While at Hancock's I asked if it would be okay to use their tables to get a measurement for the top and bottom borders when I was ready--sure!! I was ready by about 4:30. LOL, ran into another friend also in the round robin group--the other group of 7.

Tomorrow I'll run this up to the longarmer and let her work her magic. Never did get the borders on the little nine patch yesterday--paperwork intervened but that's okay--it needed to be done too. No worries, mate--I'll find something to keep me busy. Posted by Picasa


  1. Hey you now me. I'm always happy to get a picture of Pippi. :-)

  2. Wow..that is awesome!! You have the tshirt quilt to that point is just about a week, I think! Amazing! and a good feeling to have part of it done.

    Pippi looks adorable..and she poses so nicely..must be the practice..*VBS*

  3. Sounds like you could have just hung around and had a round robin meeting right there in the middle of Hancocks! way to go on getting that tshirt top done and ready for the longarm gal.

  4. glad your fabric arrived safe and sound...

  5. What a celebration--one t-shirt quilt complete! Well done! Take the time to pat yourself on the back and then sit with your feet up and relax--you deserve it!

  6. well, aren't you the fastest bee worker?
    how wonderful to have that off your hands and back to something I hope you will enjoy more. I have about ten minutes left on my tee shirt binding via machine-then I too can relax with the hand stitching part...

  7. Awwww...Pippi is such a pinup girl!!

  8. well done on getting the t-shirt quilt completed.

  9. That's me over in the corner -- doing the Happy Dance, too. Glad you got it finished -- quite an accomplishment.

  10. Congrats on finishing it! That's such a great feeling, isn't it? And cute picture, by the way!

    God bless :)

  11. Wow, you've been busy. Congratulations on finishing the tshirt quilt. Hope the quilting makes it even more awesome.
    That's funny how you were able to meet so many people working on the round robin at Hancocks. Nice of them to let you use the table. Our LQS also lets us use the tables for basting our quilts.

  12. So will we be getting some pictures from the final round robin un-veiling?? I'd love to see them all, if you ahve the chance to take the camera.

    Pippi looks so comnfortable on that ironing board and sweet with her little head laid down. COngrats on getting the t-shirt quilt done, you are a fast working lady!



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