Oct 9, 2006

So many quilts....never enough time

Yesterday as I was cutting up t-shirts and fusing interfacing to the backs in preparation for the commissioned quilt I have been asked to do, my mind wanders to quilts that I would like to make and haven't yet. The Tile quilt at left is one of them and the one shown is one of my Mom's quilts from 2002. This is just so happened to go to Paraguay when my niece/godchild Allison went there with a mission group from her hometown. Pretty, huh?

I have also heard this same resultant quilt called "Cubic Turtle" in Marti Michell's Quilting for People Who Still Don't Have Time to Quilt but I think where I first saw it was from Bonnie Domeny at Thread Love. The directions for her version are given as I found when I went looking for the website. My surprise was that my pal Cher has one shown on the same page!! Actually she approaches it a little differently than Michell does but it sure looks the same to me! From a distance, the backside of my perpetual calendar atop the computer "March 24 Rocky Road" sorta reminds me of it---that might be where the subliminal message snuck in, LOL.

Bonnie also has other patterns listed including one for a Blockade quilt, foundation pieced. The link is HERE or HERE if you want to take a look. Now that one I HAVE made but did it using traditional piecing methods. The pattern is an old KC Star pattern from 1938. I saw it my Sew Precise 1-2 software years ago and made one up clear back in 2000. It was donated WTIL, as I do a lot of my quilts. Finding the picture of it was a challenge though as I think some of my pictures are missing or are on that CD that I just cannot open. I should have just left some of that stuff on floppy discs or kept the discs just in case when I burned the CD.

BUT, I am not without resources, LOL. Knowing about what year it was made, I could look back on the documents I keep for the Bama Belles. Definitely early 2000. Off to the Wrap Them In Love gallery pages and about 13 pages in, there it was. Joy made one as well with a piece of navy blue with red strawberries print. While looking through the gallery pages, I could spot quite a few of our old favorites--things made at our first sew-in's and so forth. My husband doesn't call me "Mrs. Columbo" for nothing.

I forgot that today was Columbus Day (observed) so that post office is NOT open. A package I had hoped to mail out today won't go after all. We walked this morning. DJ gets atta boy points for doing all the laundry. My grocery errands are done and a few more t-shirts picked up from the Dad's office. Now I need to make a run for some more interfacing. I had some on hand but with this many shirts and a queen/king in mind, not near enough to finish the job. I need to look for sashing fabric while over at Hancock's. It may still take a run to Birmingham or an online order to get what I need---so best to get that question answered.

I was going to add one more picture but will need to publish and try to put it in on editing---or knowing, blogger skip it, LOL. (just as I thought :-(--no go!)

Post note: Hanne commented in regards to my last post about the Tessellated Leaves from my previous post. She found them in BlockBase #1440 called by various names but let's go with "Maple Leaf Design" for the fall season. Brackman attributes it Ladies Home Journal and the year 1900. She also mentioned that she had seen the block in "Foundation Factory" software which amazingly, I don't own, LOL. Thanks, Hanne!


  1. Gosh - how do you remember all of your quilts, blocks and names. You are amazing and so are the quilts.

    Thanks for reminding me the Post Office is closed -- I was about to head out to mail a package. You saved me a trip *s*

  2. I had no idea that it was a holiday.
    I'll remind hubby not to bother hitting the mailbox!

    I agree with Libby, how on earth can you remember all those quilts! I like the tile quilt and I'm glad that the link showed the block that makes the quilt because I had NO idea how it was made!

    You sound like you have plenty to do on those lists!! Make sure to make some time to do your own quilts too!

  3. Hi Linda, love the quilts..*VBS* The one your mom made is soooo neat. I can see why that would be on your 'to-do' list.
    I like both of the ones at the Tread Dreams site, and am in agreement with Libby, how DO you keep them all straight in your head???

    I'm hoping to get a pkg off in tomorrows mail, Wed at the latest. So the cut squares should be there for the sew in. I have it ready today, but no tape! Gotta stock up I guess..LOL
    Can't remember if I commented yesterday or not, another senior moment, but I do love your tessalated leaves for your wall quilt. And what a great idea to make it just the 4. Talk to you soon, Hugs, Finn

  4. That tile quilt that belongs to your mom is beautiful! There you go, tempting me again! I have that Marti Mitchell book so I will have to remember to insert a post it on the appropriate page to remind me that I wanted to make that one some day! Now back to putting bindings on my projects!

  5. I had to study that first quilt to see how it was made... :) But how simple once I figured out it was a 16 patch based block, and so pretty too!

  6. LOL We're are all so much alike, aren't we? At least when it comes to quilts and wanting to make all the patterns we see. At least, I'm that way. Linda, you are definitely an inspiration. Thanks!

    I knew it was a holiday because DH, a mailman, didn't have to go to work. Thank goodness since I needed a ride to the doc's.

  7. I also have way more quilts in my head than I will ever get made. Thanks for the links to Bonnie's patterns.

    Judy L.


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