Oct 12, 2006

more cutting, no sewing

Pippi this morning on her most recent "favorite spot". DJ tried like anything to get the cat hair off it and changed out the towel but that was an exercise in futility.

I had spent the better part of the day either trimming up the fused t-shirt blocks and working out a design in EQ. The sizes roughly fell into into several width---some square, some rectangular. Workable--with some spacers of various sizes around them but roughly arranged in rows at this point. I've got them separated out by size, by row in the order I want them and clipped with binder clips. When the sashing fabric comes, I will be ready.

By 4:30 I knew that I am going to need 3 more shirts. I called the future owner's dad to see if he can dig a few more to fill that last approx 36-40 inches. I was just sure when I picked up a few more earlier in the week that I would have too many and the quilt would be huge! As it is I will be around 92 x 108 with borders. It was a little surprising for me to make that call. He had some other shirts ordered that will be used to represent Vanderbilt in the SEC quilts--I've got to pick them up as well a few other errands to run while I am it.

Look who is sitting on the t-shirts this evening and keeping me company as I write this. She has not been up on the table for months--occasionally on the two WTIL quilts I have pinned atop the basket but NOT on this table. LOL, you would think that I put them up there just for her! That little kitty face looks like "what! you mean you didn't?"

I totally forgot that this was Thursday---that's is what happens when you do not work outside the home and there is nothing distinguishable about the day to day activities. Oh, oh-- tonight was the round robin pass off. Here I was leisurely starting supper about a half hour later than usual. I knew that I needed an hour of cooking time for our meal but getting up to Jacksonville by 6:30 was going to be a little iffy. I ate quick, left DJ to clear and deal with the dishes and got up there about 10 minutes late but fortunately I was not the only one who was lagging a bit behind. I'll share the "before" picture with you soon as I need some suggestions. The "rules" for the round, as usual, are leaving me cold---last round. Commit me if I say I am doing another one, other than my own ostrich one??

Is blogger behaving tonight? I tried to leave a comment on someone's post this morning and "could not find the server" and a bunch of computer gobbledygook. Bet I wasn't the only one either. Hope you all have had a good day doing what makes you happy............... Posted by Picasa


  1. gotta love how cats just know where to lie... I think mine lay in wait just to find the one spot I'm trying to keep them off! :-)

  2. 92x108? That's going to be one heavy quilt - you did say you are having a longarmer quilt it - right?

  3. Sounds like that t-shirt quilt is coming around just fine! That cute face on Pippi looks so innocent!

  4. I lose track of the days, too. I have seen a clock that doesn't tell the time, but the day of the week. Hubby looked at me like I was nuts. Of course, he works and knows what day it is *s*

  5. Blogger seems to be working just fine now. Your t-shirt talk is making me want to do another one! I'd like to make one for my oldest DS. Off to bend that hair..

  6. Hi Linda, love the new pics of Pippi!! Actually I love the coloration of her paws...so cool that they are different colors. She's like a scrappy patchwork cat..*VBS*
    And oh yes, we definitely have a Queen of all I survey complex at work in my space too...LOL
    Glad you are to the last round of the RR...and I'd be happy to duct tape you to the chair if you sign up again with that GUY involved!!!
    Glad you are making such good progress with the T's. It'll be wonderful when the sashing comes and you can go right to work on the join up!! Have a great day, Hugs, Finn

  7. i'm curious to see the RR quilt you've just recieved. Hope you don't have too much problem working on it.

  8. So what's the rules for this next round?

    I'm sooooo impatient for the next round of the Peach Ostrich to be posted. :)


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