Nov 15, 2010

Design Wall Monday

This past weekend turned out to an impromptu FAB "sew and check in" time. Some housework, cleaning and cooking, kept me from joining in until after lunch on Saturday but I made some progress.

I'll show you what I got done in the past 48 hrs, LOL. Some stashbusting and both wall hangings I am working on have been moved along

Borders applied to winter "In Seasons" and I dug around in the red bin to find an old Mary Ellen Hopkins geometric red on black that I will use for binding. A scrap of it is hanging there next to the quilt-let. Binding is cut and awaiting seaming but this whole thing is in a holding pattern till both hangings are prepped.

By quitting time last night I had the wagon area of "Pumpkins 4 Sale" all prepped. I had to seam the teal piece in order to use if but I love the way it looks----like faded paint. It is turned over freezer paper as that seemed to be the easiest way to deal with that long narrow piece. It is thread basted in place.

I got lucky and found that the wheel shape was just a hair bigger than the moon shape that I had just used in THIS "Happy Halloween" wall hanging. I turned the raw edge by treating it like a giant yo-yo over the piece of Templar, stitching it was a heavy carpet/buttonhole twist.

I tried to turn the edges on the big red stars on freezer paper but was not pleased with the points so gave up and windowed out some fusible web. I knew better than to try it with the smaller ones----fused those down along with the wording.

Then I had a little setback when it came to the lettering. Those were NOT reversed in the pattern. I don't see anywhere in the meager directions where it suggests you should reverse anything! Did they expect us to make templates and needle turn this project?? I am not fond of my efforts at needle turn-- no, thank you. I want this done, sooner than later. Of course, it did not even occur to me that the letters should have been backwards in the pattern till I had traced them all off on the last bits of pellon stuff I had. By the time I started to cut out the letter, it finally hit me. That will NOT work, there is no goo on the back of this. Tossed that attempt and re-grouped.

I ended up flipping the pattern over to the plain paper side, putting it over the light box, tracing it off on steam a seam, the regular stuff not version 2. (bought the wrong stuff in error a few months back) Warm Company tells you to trace on the web side which is NOT easy to do. By marking the reverse of the shape, I was able to trace on the paper side instead. I know that sounds a little confusing in its description but it worked! I called it a night once PUMPKINS were fastened down.

Today my task was to pull fabrics for the pumpkins and stems. Templar is pricey so I am not going to turn edges over pieces this big. See above, I don't needleturn. Those are on freezer paper but I still need to turn the edges back. I just wanted to see what this will look like. OOPS! At first I managed to put brown stems on the taller pumpkins but that was blending in too much with the border fabric. Easy enough to fix that--just trade places with the green ones. Would you have known if I hadn't have told you, LOL? The stems will be fused down once the pumpkins are in place.

Well, you know where to find me---with glue stick in hand turning pumpkin edges till it is time to think about fixing supper.


  1. I can't believe how much progress you made on both projects, despite all the other domestic duties that pull you away from creating! The Pumpkins 4 Sale wall hanging is adorable! The Winter wall hanging reminds me that I committed to making this project too!

  2. Wow, your Christmas project is just better and better each time I come to peek at it!!


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