Aug 7, 2011

Lazy Sunday afternoon

I think that I will take a cue from my Skyler and take it easy this afternoon now that I have the tenative menu planned and the groceries laid in.

With yesterday's sewing I have 32 of the 48 blocks I need for the QOV completed. I think I will take the day off from machine work though. The hand work on the Overall Bill blocks that I recently button hole appliqued is on today's "list" and maybe some embroidery or hand quilting on my Bird Brain Santas if I feel like it.

After we ate lunch, I mixed up a packaged mix of pound cake. It smells pretty yummy at my house! Even though I do have a birthday coming up this is by no means, "birthday cake". Everyone knows I do NOT make my own cake, LOL. I couldn't find any already made in the store bakery so made a pound cake in a loaf pan. I wanted to try the chocolate panini recipe in my 4 in 1 grill manual which calls for sliced pound cake (with Nutella and sliced strawberries on the inside) I WILL track down a from scratch recipe that doesn't require a tube pan---just not today in the interest of time.

The Bread flour is out because I promised DJ homemade pizza tonight. I like the crust recipe from the Prepared Pantry the best. Trust me, I tried about 7 different recipes in my quest to learn how to do yeast bread type stuff last year. I, more or less, follow their recipe for Veggie and Sausage Pizza subbing my own topping choices. Sometimes I let the crust go thru a little bit of a rise once it is rolled out. If you prefer a whole wheat crust, I can heartily recommend Perfect Pizza Crust from Taste of Home. I probably will just get the kitchen cooled down when I will have to heat it up again baking pizza, LOL.

And sew it goes------thanks for stopping by!

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  1. sounds like yummy food preps! Like your new tag line! :) *sew it goes* very creative.


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