Aug 22, 2011

Finished to Flimsy

I hesitated to call this a "Design Wall Monday"post since I have only gotten as far as setting up the machine to sew. I don't even have it threaded up yet.

Just plain busy day so far! Today was laundry day. I also needed to vacuum up the sewing room as I was tracking thread everywhere in the house. DJ did the hallways but I know I was the source, LOL. I had about 90 minutes of kitchen time this morning with about 30 minutes off before I had to start up the grill to finish up the noon meal preparations. (DJ wanted brats so I was making some Hot German Potato salad and braised red cabbage and apples to go with it. ) Thankfully, last night leftovers will be a fast re-heat.

The picture at left is my weekend sewing project, another WTIL donation top finished to flimsy last evening. This one counts under the "Belles Scrappy Challenge" banner for the year. I do not know the name of it or the designer and call it "Diagonal 4 patch chain". I first saw it in the chatter on stashbuster list and have no clue as to its source other than that. I think the name I gave it is fitting.

I only had 2 rows of it assembled clear back in April of this year and plucked it down from the hanging spot off my bookshelf. The 4 patches WERE completed using Billie Lauder's two at once with nickel squares, way back then but I still needed to make 5 rows of blocks (25). Most of the prints were some charm squares that Linda C had just sewn together randomly but I pulled them all apart to do this and added more cut fabrics from the scrap bags. The blocks finish at 8 inches, 5 x 7 set. I am not going to border it as it is big enough for my purposes.

I will say that I intended to do the last block differently. The last block in row 7 design wise should have just one four patch in the upper left corner and then background color for the remaining part of the block to complete that last chain. Apparently I did not cut the rectangle 4 1/2 x 8 1/2 that I needed. I had to go on a treasure hunt looking for any of the leftovers. No luck, though I have wheat, mushroom, parchment moda marble and another fabric line of a coppery colored neutral that is a similar but not whatever color this is---natural, I think. Rather than order more and/or ask webfabrics to do a color match (again!) I just stuck in an extra 4 patch to "no-where".

Here is what I will work on next. WTIL donation/Belles scrappy challenge Triple Rail last seen in May at the sew-in---shown in THIS POST . Come to think of it, I haven't done any more on it since, LOL. It looks the same as it did but the picture was probably taken from a different angle. I need 6 more rows or the lower half of the top. The rail blocks ARE done---I think. I'll find out soon enough!

I started this on the Jem so will continue on with the same machine retrieving the blocks and the machine from the car trunk. The Brother really should go in for servicing, just on general principles plus the auto needle threader is hanging up, skipping stitches even with a new needle put in, etc.

While searching for the 4 patch background I left one of the kits out. This uses some yardage that Ellen sent from WTIL headquarters and is one of two I have cut with a fall-ish theme. One is probably going to be a Snuggle Up but I cut this one to be like staggered bricks. I told Norma the other day that after all the seam matching I have done lately with D4P and now the diagonal 4 patch chain. I was ready for something a little less fussy. This one might fill the bill and will be next up after the triple rail is done. Short term goals are now set for the week.

Tomorrow is the Belles quilt meeting and I'll probably take my hand quilting. We plan on going out for lunch to Olive Garden for the summer birthdays---should be fun. Marilyn told me she had baked another cake for our dessert. Yum! The fabric I ordered with my bday money they gifted me with arrived today so I know they will want to see that. I will share my FAB bday gifts with them for "show and tell"---some do read my blog, some don't or just aren't on the computer much and haven't seen what my pals made for me. I'll load the car up in a bit as I am always in a rush to get out the door in the morning.

And sew it goes-----off to the machine and see how far I get.

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  1. YAY for your flimsy on the 4-patch. Sadly mine is still in the same state! I haven't sewn anything (anything!) since my last picture of this. Someday soon, I hope.


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