Jul 2, 2006

Mystery Quilts & US Holidays

Looks like I didn't get one of the girls best side in one of these shots . (OOPS. I won't name names)

Aline said that I could show her Mystery quilt top that she recently completed. The pattern came from a Fons and Porter magazine from last year? My quick flipping though a stack of back issues Thurs night didn't come up with article. My reason for looking in the first place--the name--because Aline wanted to know)

The quilt will go to one of Aline's grandsons when completed. Note the pieced back she is holding. Not sure why we didn't pin it for her but I suspect that due to its size, it is headed to the longarm quilter.

As for me, not much to report except that the 9th quilt for June was quilted on July 1, LOL. Hanne is right--we should just extend June another week at least in our minds. The one I worked on was the 2nd pineapple blossom made from Linda S' blocks that I showed you in the post from June 17th. Today I believe I will work on a pinwheel top that Cher shared with us from their donation box---large quilt scaled down with lots of neat fabrics to look at. Finn will love it!

Anniston had its fireworks display last night at a park just a mile or so away as the crow flies. We can see a good bit of them through the trees and occasionally some go a bit higher where you get a better glimpse. DJ said we could probably see them better if we went up on the roof but that is kind of a joke between us. Years ago (like back in the late 80s) he was living a couple miles out from Bloomington. With everything being so danged flat with all those corn and bean fields you could see for miles when the fireworks were being set off at the country club golf course BUT you had to get up on the roof to get past the subdivision tree line. I got up there but could not get down--first of all, because it was pitch black out I couldn't see where I was stepping and couldn't feel the ladder rungs. 2nd, I am a little afraid of heights and 3rd, I was wearing a sundress and sandals which is not the best attire for ladder climbing or descending. Plus it turns out I already had a stress fracture in my right foot from moving that weekend--worked for a podiatrist and the x-ray confirmed it. How he talked me into getting up there in the first place I still don't know.

SOOOO I enjoyed looking out his bedroom window at the back of the house without the mosquitos and the crowds. I DO miss walking the 6-7 blocks over to Miller Park in Bloomington, IL to see fireworks. I think we have actually gone once since our move here--the last year they had them at Fort McClellan on the Parade Grounds before it closed. The lead singer from "Three Dog Night" performed in concert that night--shades of my "salad days" in the late 60's-early 70's.

We are not going anywhere this weekend but I know many of you ARE so it is apt to be pretty quiet around the ring. (I'll still look, LOL) Interesting to see how the other countries celebrate such things. UK have something similiar to Canada Day? I often wonder how long it might take till someone moves 4th of July just so they can have a 3 day weekend like they do with President's birthdays. Call it exclusively Independence Day and they might. Posted by Picasa


  1. I too enjoyed the firworks last night for Canada Day. I ended up going even though I hate the crowds as my teenage son and his friends needed a ride home from spending the day down at the park celebrating...
    The quilt is lovely. I particularily like the pieced backing. I often piece backings, but hadn't thought of doing it as a medallion with borders....

  2. Hi Linda, I'm still here..LOL. No travels for me this weekend. I'm just fine with being home on these heavy traffic holidays.

    Please tell Aline I love her color choices, and what a great job she did..*VBS* I had to click it bigger and see if I could "see" what was the block pattern. It's a fairly straight forward simple pattern but with such a neat affect. Reminds me of some of the quilts in the "Yes, You Can Make Stunning Quilts From Simple Shapes" book. It's so neat, with so much more designing going on, when the sashing helps create the secondary pattern!!
    Not much sewing here yesterday either. Made myself so tired that by afternoon I needed a movie break. Someone had lent me "Sweet Home Alabama" a month or so ago, and it was about time for me to watch and then return it...LOL. Cute movie! Very down home.
    I did some "un-sewing" with my handy Jack, the ripper and then in the evening, some embroidery time.
    Had my burger and potato salad and called it a good day!
    Am looking forward to seeing what Cher sent you to re-purpose...*VBS* Hugs, Finn

  3. It is a quiet weekend for me too! I have no specific plans. Just enjoying the slower pace for a change.

    I love your friend's quilt. It is very striking.

  4. Our paper had an article about how over half of the local companies now have floting holidays and are making this a 4-day weekend. My husbands is one of them. They have 2 extra floating holidays that move around to suit. Tomorrow is one of them! So he's off for 4 days!

    Love the quilts as usual. I am still envious of your great group of ladies!

  5. Nope, nothing in the way of celebrations in England - over here in the UK the mood is pretty sombre this weekend as we got knocked out of the World Cup by Portugal. I quite envy you as we don't really do big celebration weekends like you do over there - the nearest I suppose is our Bonfire Night around the 5th November where we kind of celebrate the attempts of Guy Falkes in the 17th century who failed to blow up the Houses of Parliament and the King in London, by building and lighting bonfires with a stuffed man or 'Guy' on the top and loads of fireworks - how bizarre does that sound to someone not in the know ?!?!? Of late we have started to use fireworks as we change the year on New Years Eve at midnight but this has been a very recent development in the past 10 years or so - mind you the Scots have always done New Year or Hogmanay as they call it in big style - more so than Christmas even - it's not that long since that they would have two days off work for New Year and actually work on Christmas Day

  6. well, another good day-glad to catch up with your news..love how Aline's quilt turned out.

  7. Beautiful colors and they blend so well together!! Aline did a wonderful job!!

  8. I like Aline's quilt. Fons and Porter's patterns are simple but can really make a stunning quilt. I really need to make note of the flying geese border. Such a unique touch.


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