Jul 17, 2006

UFO 11 done-done

Just got the binding and label finished up on this one. I showed the top some time back but for the life of me, could not find it in my archives. Oh well----there are new members in the web ring that didn't see it.

The embroidery is machine done by Lois, the 2nd quilt I have made show casing the blocks. First was a Double Attic Window set. All the black and brights are left over from my Kitty City quilt . The muslin from my quilt backing cutaways or previous piecing projects--that stuff winds up in bowtie tops, as sashing, you name it. Finn, I used that St. Nicole teal on the back and added something complimentary from my stash to get it a bit wider--it's two toned.

I thought about sewing this afternoon--possibly starting that Hopscotch quilt. I kept telling myself "finish this side and then you can go sew". I even pulled some possible substitutions for the kit--printed off my EQ print out since I had already made some color changes from what Atkinson shows. Actually even started on the binding on the pink bowties though I have only got about 3 inches done before it was time to pull supper out of the oven. (Bacon Cheeseburger Upside Down Pizza--recipes on allrecipe---only needs 20 mins at 400 once the stuff is cooked)

I also gave some thought to my round robin obligation today. There is a pinwheel star I found somewhere that may work well and had in my round robin project file in EQ. Her center is a foundation pieced New York Beauty type of thing with lots of spikes and this may work. I had Quilt Holder help me the pic it while I had him holding the Pic Frame quilt but I need to do some drawing and figuring in EQ first and explore the possibilities. Definitely some star--there are about 4 I was considering--and no log cabin blocks!

I stayed up waaaaay too late last night finishing Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons. Just couldn't put it down and the next thing I know it was 3:30 in the morning. Up at 7 so we could walk. I am starting to pay for those late hours. I would love to sleep in tomorrow morning a bit but with DJ and Pippi in our small house there is not much of a chance of that happening. I've got a couple more of Landvik's books on the nightstand if I can keep those peepers open long enough for a chapter or two. (Gotta love used books if your library doesn't have them)

Other than that, I ask that you keep my mom, aunt and grandmother in your thoughts and prayers. She is in the nursing home to rehab from her hip surgery as of the 8th. My mom was called out to MO a week ago and it has been an up and down week. I thought it was a good sign when she realized on Thursday that she was in a nursing home and was mad about that. Whether she really knew she broke her hip and that got her admitted, not sure. Mom had hoped to start back home this morning but now there are some other concerns that developed the past few days. (Call you tomorrow Mom and Sue if you are reading this)

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  1. love the way the shadow lies on this quilt, and a ufo that is done done done, well its not a UFO any longer... now its a quilt! :-)

  2. Prayers coming your way Linda. Another finish is great! I love the shadow effect on this quilt!

  3. love the shadow effect too--really a different look.

    prayers for your family :)

  4. good to have another quilt be done- and keep you busy while we all hope it goes well for your grandma...this is a hard time and being far away is even harder-big hugs my friend

  5. That is a cool looking quilt. I like the way it looks like the blocks are floating.

    Hope everything is okay for your family.

  6. I love the shadows in the quilt blocks. Lots of detail. Good job.

  7. Love the framed embroidery pictures Linda! It's a really great setting for a focus item or fabric. I'm keeping that one in mind for some special little embroidered squares I got from a really special blogging friend..*VBS* They are smaller than yours, but I think the idea will work well for them.
    I'd be happy to keep Grandma, your mom and aunt in my prayers. It must so very, very hard for Mom and Aunt. Taking care of the needs of an aging parent is no small job. Hugs for you dear friend, Finn

  8. I liked this one when you showed it the first time...Now even better all completed! Everything is better completed! I'll keep your ladies in my prayers. I don't know if it's better for them to realize where they are or not. My grandma spent her last several months in a care center and thankfully she wasn't aware most of the time.

    Hope your grandmother gets well soon.

  9. Congratulations on getting your quilt finished. I've never seen a double attic windows, but I really like it. What a nice way to highlight those special blocks!

    And prayers have been said for your family.

  10. Linda,
    I like the shadows on the quilt, they give it such a 3D effect.
    I will keep your family in my prayers, that your Mom and Aunt recieve the strength they need.


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