Jan 18, 2007

2nd quilt done

Just finished quilting a 2nd quilt--this was a top that Finn sent to us late last fall. With the holiday lay off, we didn't get it pinned until our first January meeting. I'm sorry but I'm getting a server error as I was going to link you back to her page.

I had planned on quilting two donation quilts and then taking the day off to just play with my new sewing machine (a Brother Innov-is NX 450). My replacement sewing table insert arrived on Tuesday along with two other fun boxes of quilty things from two friends and a CD of the family Christmas pictures from my sister.

You know there is BUT here, right? I got a call I was half expecting from the man that I had done the commission work for recently. We had talked about the possibility of my doing a smaller t-shirt quilt for the private school fund raising auction in December but it was left open ended. At the time that I delivered the quilts right before Christmas, I told himthat the long arm quilter needed about two months time after I got the top done, should he want me to make the top. The call came today and I'll be running in to town to pick up the t-shirts and then shop for a gob of interfacing. Got to be flexible schedule wise---looks like I'll prepping shirts and doing some design work tomorrow.


  1. Boy, did that fabric that Pippi prefers sure brings back memories! I remember using that fabric to make a couple of quilts for WTIL a long time ago.

    So, what will be on the t-shirts this time? You use new ones? I never thought of that! lol The one I made for my son were t-shirts he no longer wears but meant something to him at one time.

    You do all your quilting on a domestic machine, right? Do you do lots of free-motion or mostly quilt-in-the-ditch? You amaze me with the amount of quilts you get done. And, people think I'm fast!

  2. Finn's quilt is so bright and cheery!! Are you happy or sad to get the call about the t-shirt quilt. I couldn't really tell. You are very good at making them though, so it shouldn't be too much of a hassle for you except putting your own projects back a bit.

  3. Glad for your commission work.I'm sure you'll do great. I really like that churn dash quilt. It is churn dash isn't it?LOL! Your kitties always look so content. I have so many t-shirts from my boys I should make a quilt like that. Have a great weekend.

  4. that top did turn out great..always love Pippi photos!

  5. The churn dash is wonderful! And while I know the commission is nice I hope you get to play with your new machine soon. Love the new "Queen" photo. My tortie is also the queen in my household. :-)

  6. I love Finn's quilt! Have you managed to crack open that new machine yet? It would drive me crazy to have it in the house and not be "experimenting" with it to see just what it could do!...and where are the family pictures? Nice to see the "Queen". I think Pippi and Joey are soul brother and sister--they seem to have the same personalities!

  7. Good luck with the T-shirt quilt!

  8. Hi Linda, the Churn Dash looks great, hope it was easy to quilt. I try not to decide on something that presents problems..LOL
    Luckily(or not so) I'm famous for having set of blocks that were begun and abandoned..LOL I actually thought I wanted to do a WHOLE quilt of those 6" churn dash blocks...ya, right!
    Today it's the pile of 5" 9 patches that I found.
    So happy to hear of the next commission quilt, love those $$$$ for future plans..*VBS*
    As always, Ms Pippi is lookin' fine! Hugs, Finn

  9. Always good to be loved enough to be paid for doing what you love. =) The quilt shown is great!

    I also love how the blue snowmen are coming along. I love those little blocks! And that they are blue, I think, with the cold. =)

  10. The quilt looks great - I don't know how you keep up with all the donation quilts and commission quilts too. Do you ever get to work on things for YOU?

  11. Finn's quilt looks great... I'm sure the person who gets it will love it!

    Pippi may be queen of all she surveys in this post, but I see that you DID win the fight over her right to sit on the WTIL cobblestone fabric... lol

  12. the Churn Dash quilt looks great. LUcky person whoever receives it.

    Love the bluework snowmen blocks from the last post. It's nice to see some blocks done in another color rather than red.

  13. Very cute Churn Dash quilt.
    The bluework blocks looks very good too.
    Congratulations on your new sewing machine.
    Pippi looks like she has your quilts under full control :-)
    Good luck with the t-shirt quilt!


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