Jan 12, 2007

this and that on a Friday

At left you see the blocks I have completed so far towards a heartstrings quilt for the Boy's Ranch. Blog fodder, LOL. I finished piecing these on Wednesday and then put the strings up for the time being. I had told the group to bring their machines for our next meeting and I'd bring the strips and the backing muslin if they want to lend a hand and make a block or two.

Yesterday I wound a "bazillion" number of bobbins because I need to hit the machine quilting for a few days. Oddest thing, since my motherboard was replaced on the Viking, I cannot fill the bobbins as full. Anyway, I have some for pay that will help towards my new machine purchase and some for WTIL. I'll get back to my big 30's sampler sometime this month though as that one is my choice for personal unfinished project goal from the Top 10 list. I got one top done (see below) and still had the time and inclination to work another hour so pulled out the plaid bricks that had started on last month and put a few more lines in it.

This is Lois' top from her quilt shop class. She said that one of the shops has an afternoon where they demonstrate the use of a ruler or technique and this "Peaky and Spike" was one of them. As near as I can tell THIS is probably roughly the same pattern. Darlene Zimmerman who designed the Tri Recs ruler and the pattern called it "Granny's Flower Patch".

While we were pinning it, I commented that it would not be too hard to do one continuous line on this,. Not her favorite part of the process so I said that I would do it for her. I flipped the corner though so you could see the neat back she chose. Our Hancock's had a good sale on boy type prints for a buck a yard, I was told. Anyway, Lois wants to take it to the next quilt shop afternoon and show the instructor(s) that some DO finish their projects. I passed it on to her to day to finish up --she gets it back for binding though I would have sewn it on had we had the strips cut and pressed. Today she told me she felt like a weight had been lifted off her. This isn't supposed to be a chore and I don't mind doing them.

Today several of us from our quilt group and the guild in Jacksonville went to our friends bee. On the 2nd Friday of the month they open their home to whoever wants to come and serve us soup and cornbread for lunch. I had not been out in awhile but Marilyn wanted to go and was not sure on the way to get out there. Initially Marilyn was to drive and bring another friend along and pick me up on the way. Change of plans at the last minute and her husband dropped her off at my house so I needed to drive. No problem. We swung by the pre-arranged spot to meet up with Lois who was going to follow in her car. I got about half way there and my gas signal light came on and stayed on---NOW I had a problem! We were way out in the country and no service stations anywhere around. I thought there might be one on the route we turn onto but the pumps were no longer in service. We got to our destination and then inquired where the nearest station was. Gary put what little bit of gas he had in it to get me that far but I sure felt better once I got about 10 bucks worth in it. Lois was prepared to drive us back home to get either of our husbands and/or the gas can. Since it all ended happily, I doubt that I will confess my goof up--spare myself the "lecture"

My table insert came for my new Brother yesterday. Unfortunately, no bubble wrap or styrofoam packing was put around it and something heavy had fallen on the box. Yep, the section that goes on the front part of the machine is almost snapped clean through. Since there was a 800 number on the label from the company that makes and ship them, I called there first as I did not think it was the shop I ordered it from fault/problem. Turns out that was not the proper procedure but the person who answered the phone was able to look back to get all the information and said to toss that one and they will drop ship another at no charge. She indicated that they had new shipping boxes and the guys didn't seem to think they needed any padding. Trust me, I said, they do at least in my case. Want to have to keep replacing them for free, then don't pad them. Still haven't plugged the thing in BUT it will be a reward for quilting when I do get all my ducks in a row.

Not much else going on here on the home front. Our siding project is complete and the weather warmed up enough (low 60's) so my husband was able to start painting it much sooner than he though. The same contractors will be back to do a wood repair job around the chimney over the weekend. I do not want DJ up on the roof doing it--leave that to the professionals.

Guess I'll put a few more stitches in my May snowman block as it is too late in the evening to want to quilt. Pippi is napping on it anyway, LOL. I don't want it THAT bad. Norma said she was about done with her January block so I hope she posts a picture soon. Pam is going to join us as well. With these two pushing me maybe I'll get them done this year?


  1. You have had a busy day! Your heartstrings block are great. I am having fun making mine and hope to have all 20 done this weekend.

  2. I am constantly amazed at the amount of work you get done -- I'm tired *s* Thanks for sharing the back, it is wonderful fabric. Nothing like a good find like that.

  3. Love your heartstrings blocks! I hope to get some made myself. You accomplish so much--makes me feel like a slackerd LOL!!! Have a great weekend.

  4. What a day you had! LOL Glad it all turned out okay. :p I really like Lois' quilt. I'm always a bit intimidated by tri-recs, but I'm always drawn to those "Peaky and Spike" quilts. I especially like the "Peaky and Spike" stars. You get sooo much done...could you bottle and ship some of your energy to your blog buddies??? LOL

  5. Hi Linda, the heartstrings beginnings are looking really great! What a stron impact visually, the red centers make!!
    Love your use of the my old red Chicklets fabric in the baseball quilt below! Never saw it looking so good!
    You really do get an amazing amount done, seems like every day. And I think Lois's class quilt is just spectacular. I have the Peaky and Spike template set. Doreen Speckman sure left her mark on the quilting world..*VBS* A WI gal you know..LOL Hugs, Finn

  6. It's great that you gals can do the parts you like the best and pass off the parts you don't enjoy. You like quilting so it works perfectly for you both! I love making those tri-recs pieces. I made a ton for a christmas quilt one year, so I just might have to try that quilt pattern someday. I think it would look cool in brights or 30's fabric!!

    Have a good sewing day!!

  7. I'm not sure-but I think it was Hanne who did a Peaky/Spike/Tri-Recs version using string piecing for the triangles. I always liked this pattern! And gas - I just hate to let my tank run below 1/4 because then I start to worrying, so I bet it was a big relief for you to get to the gas station. Sounds like you all had fun in anycase!



  8. Wow. Linda, you wear me out just reading about all you do! You put me to shame, girl. You also inspire me. I've resolved to make more donation quilts this year, thanks to you and your Belles. Quilt on! :-)

  9. Your string blocks look great. I think it's so funny that all the ones I've been seeing have the red centers but the blocks that have been sent in to Sue so far have the blues. I made my 20 with blue but I really like these red ones too. I may have to make some more to send in once I finish my half square triangle ones.


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