Jan 27, 2007

break's over

At left--Pippi looking for trouble---she had been way up high on the top board of the kitchen pass through and coming down. Surprised I didn't get a kitty blur!

Well, my break time for donation quilts is over for the time being. Yep, my expected fabric for the t-shirt commissioned quilt shown in the EQ sketch HERE arrived just before lunch this morning. It hit the washer and dryer immediately. I just finished cutting out all the sashing, borders, fill in bits etc for the blocks.

A few blocks are just big 4 patches--that will be a snap. The lettering will be foundation pieced--that is a "cut-as- yo -go" kind of thing. but the framing sections around the letters are cut. The printouts are all printed up. I think that I can get the top together fairly quickly if I watch what I'm doing as it is basically a vertical strippie with 5 rows with lots longer rows than I was working on the past two days is all. The lettering will take a little longer but I hope to have this delivered to the quilter by midweek. Like Judy Tenuta says "it could happen!"

I suspect that I will be absent for a few days while I try to get this thing done. I had to laugh at an email I received from my SIL last night. I guess I had posted later in the day than usual and a couple of days had elapsed. She said teasingly "Ah, yes, when you are a celebrity your fans expect things of you! :)" I bet all of us blog gers hear from our friends and family if we don't post--good that they notice, right?

This morning I set up some webshots albums if you would like to look of some of the quilts I have pieced, quilted, made blocks for or just plain own. I also loaded the Belles quilts for 05, 06 and what we have for 07 so far. Click HERE if you would like to take a peek. Some you have seen on the blog over the last year, some not. Those of you who have sent tops and so forth to us for donation will spot some familiar looking items--provided we got them done, that is. (Sorry, Jeanne--next thing up!)

What started all that webshot stuff is that I wanted to comment on something I had seen while searching online for a set for those framed 4 patches. Somehow I stumbled upon someone's album with a bi-sected nine patch technique shown HERE. This intrigues me and I wondered how big the block must start out. I am going to try it! I can see how cool it would look in scrappy colors as well as planned and a good stashbuster to boot! Pat has been cutting us 4 1/2 inch strips from the donation bin so this might be a thought for mix and matching.

Almost time to start thinking about cooking dinner and I'll tell you, my heart is not in it today. Dang it, we already ordered pizza earlier in the week and nothing easy to pull out of the fridge or freezer. Must do something about that come grocery shopping day. Catch you all later-----------


  1. Bonnie of
    Bonnie Quilts & Reads
    posted another variant of this block. I like this technique.

  2. Another cool variation of this technique. Did you see her description of the block sizes? I couldn't tell if you did or not. She cuts the outside corners at 4.5" but the center is 5", and the WOW are 4.5 x 5. Just in case you didn't read the written description on the single pictures. But you probably got it.

    They will make great quilts and the variations are endless!! Good luck on the t-shirt quilt!!

  3. (Sorry, Jeanne--next thing up!)

    Heehee -- no hurry. They've been 'aging' in my UFO tub for almost a year!

    Jeanne :)

  4. get this last commission quilt out of the way and you can get back to something fun..even though the $$$ is fun as well, commission quilts just pull too much energy from us to call them fun!

  5. Pippi is just darling, she's looking at you taking the picture and wondering what you're up to!

  6. Love the new pic of Pippi, she's looking fine, as usual.
    Good job getting so much both prepped and finished up!
    The chicklets looks great in that 9 patch..*G*
    Don't work too hard on that new commission, altho "done" is a good word. Hugs, Finn

  7. Love that bi-sected 9 patch you found. Like you, it intrigues me. I can see a play session coming soon.

    BTW, I didn't realize I'd never commented on the top you made from my old swap blocks. You did a really good job with them. And I can't wait to see what you come up with for the pink/browns. Those were ones I made for the swap and liked them so much I couldn't make myself send them in. In fact they ALMOST didn't go to Pam with the others but in a moment of weakness I sent all of them. But I'm glad I did and hopefully you can get a useable size quilt from them.


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