Jan 4, 2007

stalled out

Pippi hiding her eyes from the desk lamp

Yep, kinda stalled out the last two days. Some of the quilt Pippi is laying on has a little bit done and I had intended to get back to it yesterday but got off on a tangent. The day before no quilting got done but a lot of stuff on my computer was dealt with--okay, you got me. Some card playing too, I confess.

Anyway I seem to be having problems finding a good pillow situation lately. The firm, slightly concave one is best for certain bed positions but I needed just a little bit more elevation for others. So I got the bright idea to adapt on old bed pillow for my needs--use the case and the stuffing to the degree of firmness I needed for a small neck pillow for me, a back up one for DJ and a new back pillow for my chair.

First thing out of the box in retrieving the serger, I knocked over the small paper shredder. Of course, it was almost full. I got most of it up but figured I wasn't done making a mess with the pillow guts so I would wait to clean it up. Wouldn't you know I busted both needles on the serger just trying to get the first seam started? Man, it is a pain to get those installed in that little bitty space allowed. I don't use the thing often enough to remember what to do and needed some thread to boot. Off to Hancock's but I needed some red yardage for Mary's Heartstring Project so that was not a wasted trip. DJ had seen the paper mess on the floor and vacuumed it up while I ran off to the store. I thanked him but didn't tell him he was a little premature in the cleaning department.

Three attempts at threading later, I was in business. Made three little pillowcases to cover them---wahoo, stashbusting a little bit. He gets up from his nap to see the vacuum sitting in the hallway and pillow guts of shredded cotton batt were all over the floor in the same spot that he had vacuumed earlier. I was just waiting for him to wake up before firing it up.

I still had time to quilt a bit but by then he got a call back from a carpet cleaning company he had called. They will be here ASAP which means this afternoon. The sewing room, one bedroom, living room and hallway will all be done. That meant packing up the machine, taking down the sewing table for the first time in I don't remember when and dragging anything that can be moved into my bedroom. Pippi is freaking out since nothing is where it belongs. That quilt above would be laying on the sewing table, not my desk. The things she rubs on when she passes aren't in their usual spot. I am guessing that she will be under the bed once they get here and the kitty eating machines come out.
I'm ready for them except for putting up two items up on the cutting/pressing table at the last possible minute--one the wastebasket as I am going to do a little cutting this afternoon and the other this basket as seen below. (It contains my quilt kits now instead of being stuffed with scraps.) Minus all but the one quilt on top (which is hers but naturally she lays on everyone BUT that), this is her launching pad to the water bowl which is back on the cutting /pressing table. She kept drinking water from the ironing board cup again and ignoring her water bowl on the floor so I figure it must be the location that was the attraction. We've been through the bladder infection and impaction once so I don't care where she drinks as long as she drinks. Take that back, not out of the toilet but I don't think she would anyway.

Sewing is out, quilting is out for the day but I can still cut. I would like to get some muslin foundation cuts and the center strips for the Heartstring blocks. Strips, I have tons off in varying sizes but they are asking for group blocks to have 2 inch cut strips of red or blue at the centers set at a 45 degree angle so the blocks look like they self sash. (Mary has pics on her blog, I know) I can cut and then put the stuff up when the carpet crew gets here. Also need to run to the library and get a missing food items at the grocery store. I may have a vague idea of what I want to eat when I get groceries early in the week but the menu plan changes or sometimes, an item needs to be fresher.


As a followup to the previous post: I got my new machine's table insert ordered and it should be here in two weeks time as they drop ship from the company. Nope, I still have not tried to use it and probably won't till the insert gets here.

I knew Pam would nail me for not showing any people pics in the last post about our family gathering. She had asked if I had the batteries all charged and packed before we left. I did bring it with me but left it in the car when we first arrived. Then when four or more cameras were taking the group shots I knew that I didn't need to add to that. My sister sent a preview copy, email sized, of the ones she had taken and she's going to burn a CD for me and my folks.

Judy commented on the family size---no great grandkids yet but the oldest grandkids are in their early 20's so it will happen some day. When the grandkids bring their s.o.'s then that would add a few more faces to the table, for sure. The fact that three families are out of state now it is harder to get us all in one spot. Before the catch was mostly those of us working hospital schedules.

Guess that's it for now---get this "party" started, LOL


  1. Ahh -- clean carpets. The mess will be worth it in the end *s* Pippi might not think so, but it's true. At least you still have a little something to work on busy hands and all.

  2. I'm with Libby clean carpets are almost worth anything, but it is a lot of work on short notice...

  3. Oh the kitty problems - I want the heat of the lamp, but not the light of the lamp.... Too cute!

  4. I love clean carpets so much that I have a super, duper hot carpet cleaner of my very own (in Canada) - ouch, did I just admit to that? I clean the carpets 2X a year. I am always amazed at how much muck that thing sucks up!!! But - yes - lots of work to get everything moved around. Strings project - I am going to make some of those blocks sometime in February - I love the effect of the same colored strip down the center - and goodness knows - we ALL have a bit of stash to bust!



  5. Pippui and Pixel share the issues with the bladder. Pixel has to visit the vet today again, and his water dish stays on the kitchen bar, so whatever works is a good thing!

    Most people are astonished to find that ALL 6 of my mom's kids live right in the same town. No one has ever moved away which is very weird. SO we are always together most of the time. Plus my neice decided to have her kids early and at 25 had her second. She's already talking about number 3!

    Sounds liek a full day with all the workers and the porjects! Nice clean carpets are fabulous! We need to rent the steamer soon ourselves! Hope you have a good day!

  6. Animals are just the best! We have a cat and a dog. The cat belongs to our daughter (9) and follows her everywhere...the dog is mine and whenever I am in my sewing room she is on the overstuffed chair I got for "HER!!!" heehee Your cat is just gorgeous!!

  7. My kitties cover their eyes the same way when they're curled up on me and I have the lamp on. Other than the light issue she sure looks comfy.

    Clean carpets are wonderful but that sure was short notice to get everything done that needs done before they could start!

    And BTW, my cats WILL drink out of the toilet if I don't forget to keep the lids closed!

  8. Pippi is such a doll. And I'm exhausted just reading everything you're doing.

    Tigger has one of the cat fountains. He just loves it. His very favorite place to drink is out of the shower faucet. He'll sit there for the longest time right under the faucet catching a drop at a time.



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