Jan 17, 2007

Quilting mode again

Sorry that this looks so dark---just sharing the last two bluework blocks that I have done recently--finished the May block last evening. I knew quilting would wait since I was SOOOO close to done. I set the project bag aside again.

I did get a bit of machine today though. The plaid bricks is done since I only had about 1/3 of it to go and can be seen HERE in the pre-quilted state. Just ditch work so it won't look a whole lot different to you even if the binding was done. Lois offered to take that part off my hands since I quilted her donation quilt last week. It's a deal!

Next up is that one that you see the back of in the snowman picture--that ubitiquous WTIL kit cobblestone stuff. Here Pippi is parked on it. I moved it this morning to a different spot to keep her off of it but I substituted two others that she could get on. Silly goose hops up on my desk and walks over the basket atop the printer where I had stashed it near the machine. I swear for a minute she was going to hop up there. She had given the proffered two a token paw but she almost made a beeline to get to the speckled one, LOL.

Other than that a pretty quiet day over all. Still colder but the sun was even out. The weather staff still say that there is a possibility of some sleet/freezing rain/bridge icing tonight. Nice chat with my mom this morning.

That's all for tonight-------


  1. Those blocks are adorable. Pippi certainly looks like she owns the place. Does she?

  2. Your blue work is just going to be too cute for words.

  3. Hi Linda, the snowmen are looking soooo good. I think I forgot to tell you I printed them off and will be doing them also. At least I hope so..*VBS* Not sure if I will do blue or red, guess I'll know when I see what I have enough of for the 12 blocks.
    I'm going to be using a transfer pencil so I can iron them on..will that work or will something be backwards??? I sure do need alot of help lately...sorry! Thanks ever so much for the link to what those letters mean..pretty complicated. But I do see what you mean. Big hugs, Finn

  4. Well mommy that quilt already smells like her spot, silly! She'll have to mark all the new ones!

    The blocks look great, as I figured they would. I do like those a lot!

  5. Your snowmen blocks look great. I so enjoyed working on mine, that I may do another one in red. Thanks for visiting my blog, I'll be sure to post once I decide on the border. I also love, love, love that plaid quilt top.


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