Jan 28, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

It was two days ago actually---and our 13th one.  We have been a couple since 1978. We both knew what we were getting but tied the knot anyway back in 1999.

Look what greeted me when I got home from the quilt meeting on Tuesday.  When I first walked in the door loaded down with stuff, I gasped as it looked like he had bought a whole bush of plants.  Two days early after all and that wasn't sitting on the table when I had left. He had not cut the stems down to fit the vase better and it looked even larger.  I am told these are Peruvian lilies, quite hardy and more "bang for your buck" for cut flowers.  They are still holding up well and brightening our kitchen..  THX, Honey!

He had gotten me an "anniversary" present a couple weeks and something that I truly did need----a squeegie/sponge thing like you see at the gas station for washing your windshield.  The one I/we had completely sheared off at the wooden handle since we stick it on the fence to dry out.  The one he found at the automotive store has a nice heavy molded plastic handle so no wood to rot off.  THX, Honey!

Present number two:  a new set of car floor mats.  A couple months back I had finally had it with the crumpled up, would not stay put one on the drivers side and tossed it out.  They were not standard Ford issue when we bought the car and just never seemed to fit right.  Good riddance!  He replaced them---can you tell he is the Car Fleet Guy around here, LOL??  My car has that ubiquitous grayish tan Ford interior but he went with gray. THX, Honey!

Not very romantic but definitely not something I would have gone out to get even if I do go by one automotive place with some degree of regularity.  He is a practical man, one of his more admirable traits actually.  My Mr. Fix-it.  He is paying attention.    You can barely see Skyler in the recliner with DJ but there are my two boys.  With those black slacks and white socks, black shoes and mix in a tuxedo cat, Skyler is almost camouflaged, LOL.

Car Fleet Guy was not done yet though.  For some time I have had a hole in the back tail light lens--someone, somewhere must have tapped it just right in a parking lot because I didn't do it.  Well, come to find out, the rain must have been coming down at just the right angle the other day as there was water standing in there!  DJ thought it might short out or be rendered totally inoperable.  He had called ahead to an   automobile selvage/parts store just north of here and they did have one available.  The guy at the automotive place where he gets the oil changes done had said they would put it on for him if he tracked one down for 30 minutes labor.  Well, Chris didn't charge him anything for the job after all and worked him into the schedule after lunch yesterday.  I had gone with him as we were not entirely sure where the auto yard was and then ran a grocery errand.

We had gone out to dinner at our favorite catfish place Top of the River for dinner Thursday night.  Mostly we go there when we have friends or family visiting from out of town and our anniversary.  They run a January special, Monday through Thursday where you get their half pound catfish filet dinner for two bucks less than the normal price.   We have a gift card for Outback Steakhouse from his son and his family for Christmas to spend as well but we can use that for some lunches out.  He gave me a choice or I could have picked somewhere else as well.  We had leftovers, re-heated for lunch yesterday.  I was a cheaper date but also practical!

And speaking of cars, LOL.  I had misplaced my car keys earlier in the week and was using the spare set.  I try to make a habit of either sticking my keys back in my purse or they are in my coat pocket if I forget.  I do NOT leave them laying around if I can help it.  When they still had not turned up in spite of my searching, he told me to go get some keys made up and slipped a few of the ones I needed to duplicate off his key ring.  The guys at the hardware store said they could cut the Ford Key but it would only open the door---there is a chip in it. It would be a good idea to keep looking for my lost set as the replacement from the dealership would be pricey.  Finally two heads being better than one, DJ recalled that I had left with my raincoat on when I had gotten groceries-----had I checked that pocket?  It was mild weather, I had gone two days in a row and thought sure I had just worn a sweater.  I hate wearing that raincoat but I hate carrying an umbrella more. Yep, they turned up--thank heavens!  Now we have a few backups for the other doors in the house---not a bad thing.

I think today will be PopStix cutting day. My plan is that I can make my giant mess of the floor in here BEFORE I dial it back to keep things clean.  DJ's guest's stopover is coming up Tuesday or Wednesday so we will hit the cleaning thing Sunday and Monday.  Once he is here and they head out to the golf course, I am back to messing it up again.  They just need me to cook, not entertain anyway.  I hide out in the sewing/computer room (nothing new there!) and let them visit

Off to start my day---hope you have a wonderful weekend in whatever you have planned.


  1. Well happy belated anniversary!!! What a great guy you have there. After 13 years I think you should keep him...hehehe.

    blessings, jilly

  2. Happy belated anniversary! The flowers are gorgeous!

    I am still sewing PopStix stratas. I am starting to wonder if it was such a good idea to make a King size version. 49 blocks doesn't sound that bad, but it is a lot of miles of 2.5 in strips of fabric that need to be sewn together!


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