Jan 15, 2012

wasted week?

 Would you believe it if I told you have not touched my machine, not once, all week?  I just plain have not had time.  Oh by Friday I had pulled out my embroidery to put a few stitches in my green basket block but that is it.  No sewing!  For all the gals that ask me how I get so much done in the sewing department, I didn't this week!

Maybe it was just time to take a short break?  There is not shortage of things that could be done in here.

Let's start with ugh, seaming batting.  No fun but necessary esp if I am going to make tops that don't fit on 48 inches wide. 

Then we have February----waiting and waiting for the needed button hole applique to be done.  January is half over, after all.  It won't take long to quilt or bind it but do you think it will be hanging in time for Valentine's Day??

Then we have the Christmas quilt.  I seriously intended to be working this by now.  I got only as far as looking at the foundation pieced flying geese part and trying to figure out what I had possibly done with the background pieces. They turned up but my opportunity for sewing that day was gone.

The more I look at it, the more I wonder if I need to be making it 12 inches wider. It would fit the bed better. I don't like that tree block in that position in the last row and want the star that WAS in there back.    If I add another row to the side then I can move it elsewhere in the top.  I could include a few more blocks that got left out of the design.  Back to the drawing board again?

This tub is full of Christmas fabric---well some isn't but there are greens and reds that could be used in it..   The pizza box contains the little bit of the quilt that is finished.  I vowed NOT to put either of them back where they belong till the top is done.  I'm already tired of looking at it.  I set up to quilt and have to push it around the room.  I guess there is a reason why it normally resides under the cutting table, LOL.

And then there is quilting and binding that could be addressed.  Two of mine and one of Linda C's from the last meeting.  On top is my disappearing 4 patch last seen HERE in mid-August.  The long arm quilter who is also the QOV AL contact person and  member of Friendship Quilters spearheading the efforts for the Veteran's Home quilts gave it back to me yesterday for binding.  I may need to make some first but it goes on my this week list.  I may need to try out the embroidery stitching elements of the machine to make a label too.

The stack of quilts is still piled up.  Betsy went off without the one she had and I told her I would wait till next meeting.  Hopefully I can get it to dovetail to the day I am already down in Oxford OR I could have DJ go with me and we can go out to lunch on the way.

I knew it was going to be a busy week.  Starting with Sunday, I had an executive board meeting so that shot a chunk of Sunday afternoon.  Bama Belles met on Tuesday----that shoots most of the day or at the very least, I am too tired to want to do much once I get home and unpacked.  Yesterday, regular guild meeting and a grocery errand so there went 0830 to about 1530.  Thank heavens for Friday leftovers and no cooking.  In between a whole lot of paperwork----for both quilt groups, meeting minutes to write up for executive board and regular quilt meeting.  That one kept me busy all afternoon.  I also organized my files and email on the computer so I could back up my files.  Good thing too since my cooking software would not open right after.  Getting it back to about where it was took most of Friday evening to straighten it out, thanks to the vagaries of Mastercook 11.

Machine, I'll be back----I promise, LOL.  Just not today.  Today is pretty much gone.  Think I'll get the paper and call it a day.

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  1. After having been sick for the better part of a week, getting the organizing fever in the office on Friday, a full day of errands today,I have pretty much wasted my week too. My machine is also lonely without me! Just think, with all that stuff behind us, we are sure to be able to find some quality time with our machines in the week ahead. :) Sometimes, you just have to take time to get those other jobs done!


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