Jan 31, 2012

WIP Tuesday

After spending the better part of three days cleaning house, I was ready to sew last night.  We finally received a phone call from DJ's golfing buddy who says he should be here by Wednesday noon.

I just need to try not to track strings throughout the house.  Who am I kidding, LOL?  Everyone who knows me and has any business in my house, knows I sew.  There will be strings.  Let 'em fall where they may.

I finished up up the upper and middle hearts button hole applique.  The smaller ones at top and bottom were prepped over freezer paper.  The larger ones have that rick rack in place and steam a seam 2.  I honestly did not know how to that rick rack down over the larger hearts prepped over freezer paper but arrived at a solution by basting the rick rack to the heart edge and then fusing it down.  I had pulled the paper out of these---or as much as I could.

That plan worked but when I needed to button hole applique it down, that made it almost impossible to pull out the basting threads.  On the subsequent ones, I had to loosen up the heart to get the thread out while the rick rack is fused to the base.  Most of the heart stayed in place and the edges just needed some strategic pinning.  I have most of the letters to do---just did the F and E before I had to make lunch.  I hope to pin this today and quilt it up tomorrow while the guys are hopefully off to the golf course.

Up in the left corner of the picture is what I plan to use for the backing even it IS going to be on there sideways.  Lipstick on the collar----good plan for a Valentine's Day theme, right?

I switched out the wall hangings this morning---snowmen are gone from the decorating scheme and hearts are in.  I would like to hang another small wall hanging on my bedroom door but I cannot get into the closet where it is hanging.  That pile of quilts is still in the corner near the armoire as I am waiting for one from one the Belles to go with it.  By then, some more may have the binding finished up.

Well back to stitching------

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