Jan 11, 2012

meeting wrap

We had a good group yesterday at our Bama Belles meeting. With the holiday layoff it seemed as though some of us had not been together in ages! A few that have had schedule conflicts in recent months WERE with us including one gal who had moved up to TN. She and her husband were back in the area for a few days (house has not sold yet) and their visit coincided with our meeting.

We pinned up 7 quilts and 7 are about to be turned in---3 need labels so Beverly is taking care of two of them and Betsy will do the honors on her own. I realized when I was posting the following pictures that I didn't get a picture of her cowboy quilt but I will! Meanwhile the stack of ready to be delivered ones has grown a bit higher.  Said pile, last seen HERE, is even with the top of the armoire from the floor on up!  Lois had 3, I had two while Bev and Linda C has one.  Thanks to Teresa for seaming up the back for that last one!  I was helping someone square up some embroidery blocks and explaining how to do pre-sashing so I was no help in pinning the larger of my two tops.  The girls didn't care as there was plenty of help and went ahead with out me----thanks for that too!  Jane always is such a help as a binding volunteer so I can move on to the next quilt.  I appreciate them all.

Linda C brought several totes of scrap fabrics with her to share along with some patterns and such.  It was pretty much spread out over two of the 5 foot tables at the meeting spot so several of the girls were going "shopping" over there.  I guess the tote is staying with the remainders.  Marilyn also had some backing yardage to share as she is in the process of cleaning and organizing her sewing space.  I told the girls that at the next meeting I intend for us to go through the two fabric bins and decide what goes and what stays as we  just don't have room to store too much of it.  We just keep piling on more!!  It might help to know what sizes pieces we have and label it with a tag and hang it in some cases.  Other smaller bits can probably be used for blocks or cut into charms/strips etc.    What we don't want/won't use can go to another quilt group, someone in the group or the Salvation Army.  To be truthful, I am not even sure what exactly is in the bottom bin that is hard to get at in the stack.   That just tells me we don't need it if it hasn't seen the light of day for a couple years.

I have more group related tasks on my list, meaning probably no sewing again but that's okay.   We are almost out of batting and I have several piles of cutaways to seam which will be fine for some of my tops wider than the standard 48 width we buy.  Some paper pushing duties too.  Once I get that room clutter out of here then I can entertain the idea of doing something more creative.

So you probably are more interested in seeing the quilts than reading my prattling on, LOL.  Here we go!

Bev S.  Pineapple Blossom----I think she likes that block!  This was one of two tops she has made with it plus a pile of blocks at the sew-in too.  One top did not come with her this trip.

Linda C's Square in a Square.   One that I quilted in December during the quilting blitz.  Jane had finished the binding.

Linda C  not sure what I called this for the document----Double 4 patch Strippie maybe???  Again, another of the tops I quilted during the December blitz.  Jane did the binding.

Beverly H---Scrappy Rails.  Isn't it happy and bright?  Love the scrappy binding too.

Beverly H.  Romance Challenge.  I may have taken the picture of this before but it went back home with her to finish the labeling (and binding?).  Block is Patience Corner and Beverly took care not to decapitate any of the little figures from the challenge fabric.

Linda C.  Jacob's Elevator  (Trudie Hughes pattern).  She has this one professional quilted.

Linda C.  This one goes by several names but when it came on my horizon back in 99-00,  it was called Rainy Day Satisfaction.  No pattern really needed.  You can cut the center squares any size you want them to be.  Good two color quilt that is not labor intensive.

That's it for now------hope you have a good day.

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