Jan 3, 2012

What I have so far.........

After all that quilting lately, I was so ready for a reward project.  I had posted that this was my personal project of choice on New Year's Day.   It got moved along on Monday to this point when I "closed up shop".

I decided that it might be best to baste the ric rac to the heart and then secure down the whole deal.  It does soften the edges of that angular shaped heart.  Of course, stitching thru all those layers was not without peril, LOL.  Between the pins, the glue, sticking myself a couple times I was happy to put it away and start fresh this morning-------with a heavier, longer milliner's needle.

Here is a closeup of the one I have basted and secured.  The pattern suggests using bright yellow ric rac and then over-dying it with tan dye.  I could not find bright yellow jumbo ric rac here in town on my cursory look but I didn't want to order any either.   I have since found out that they do have a selection of ric rac at Wilson's up in Boaz and I will remember that should I need any again.   Anyway, I found plain old white so I dyed the green stripe and the red dot fabric along with it.  The texture is subtle but I think it will still work.

Now we see Skyler wanting to lend his hand to the preceedings.  I have to wonder which he wants more---the thread on the cone, the thread he sees flashing in and out on the needle or that weird looking snake stuff.  He wanted me to go to the kitchen to give him his "treat bite"but will be back.  Too nosy not to, LOL.

This being the start of the New Year I have been thinking about what projects I might like to work on, what my goals are.  I have done well setting short term goals for the day, or the week.  I mention them here and that keeps me accountable.  I have pictures for blog fodder too, LOL.    Mulling all that over--something from several categories?  Personal, Pro Bono, QOV, UFO?  I told Norma we can make plans but we reserve the right to change our minds and add something totally new to the mix----go where our heart is leading us.  Sometimes that is exactly what is needed to rev up the creative fires.

But for now some short term goals for this week are----------

  • finish prepping February button up
  • finish assembling Pineapple Blossom top
  • finish the binding on Give Thanks button up

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