Jan 22, 2014

Adapted Loop the Loop AKA adapting patterns

You just knew I was going to fiddle with that "Loop the Loop" letter L challenge quilt some more, didn't you?  I thought later today but EQ was singing its siren song, LOL.

Really this pattern does intrigue me.  My mom called a bit ago and she admits to see the possibilities as did Susan of patchwork reflections who I know is looking for a Wedding Ring styled quilt but without the curves and all the wedge segments.  Beth of bzyqltr commented this morning on my previous post
" It looks like a Garden Twist variation.  I like it alot!  I can see there would be many color variations that would look great in this pattern.  Can't wait to see what you pick."
You know, she is right!  When you look a little closer at the original block, you see a more compacted version of a Bright Hopes block along with a quarter Snowball block.  That really is all that a typical "Around the Twist" quilt is, alternating blocks of those two blocks.  You can use more colors, put it on point but it is still those two and some of the balls don't get a flippy corner.

Here are the two blocks
Bright Hopes


Okay, now contrast that jpg from Trudie Hughes pattern page with the Loop the Loop from my previous post.  It just has pieced stuff in the middle and set block to block rather than on point.

SO I've been drawing and using custom set in EQ to ditch the block joining lines.   As I see it there are two basic blocks and then filler stuff around the periphery of the quilt.  I drew dark lines on my printout where I see natural divisions in the quilt and could isolate those areas for drawing.  I based my drawing on 12 inch blocks and 2 inch divisions in the blocks.  Drafting is not hard and in my opinion is a skill all quilters need so you are not held captive by an existing block size or written pattern.  Make it your own, folks!

Modified Snowball

Modified Snowball with coloration changes to complete the rings

Modified Bright Hopes block----you have to rotate the block to complete the ring color.

Then we have the filler blocks

The corner blocks---rotated as needed

Two colorations---also rotated and flipped as needed

And there are few of these as well

Put all that together and you have my newly improved and completely do-able challenge quilt idea that sort of, kind of looks like the original but without all the sectioning and pieces.  I think I even have the fabric to pull this off with the possible exception of the lime green.  I'll have to look in the stash.  It would be pretty in more colors for the rings, I think,  rather than the limited palette I used for the drawing purposes  BTW my dad added the color lupine to the list and really that adds a lot of possibilities as they varied colors..

BTW my dad added the color lupine to the list  of L colors.  Perfect, as it really that adds a lot of possibilities in varied colors of purples and pink shades.

I'm back to sewing as soon as I get the "spoil your husband" turkey in the crockpot.  I did the cranberry sauce and pecan pie bars yesterday so really this is just making his favorite meal as an early anniversary thing.  Also it will make up for insisting on ham for Christmas.  (I was not ready for more turkey so soon after Thanksgiving especially with a leftover turkey meal midway between)   Just another meal with more sides, LOL.

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  1. looking good! it sounds like you are having a good time designing. And way to go Dad on the Lupine idea!

  2. OKay, I "kinda" get it, but I guess I need the EQ file or to go in there and do it myself to figure it out.

  3. yes, twisted garden is what I thought as well..and as usual your playing in EQ has come up with a great version of this idea. I too love lupine! so hope you decide to actually make this top...hurray for spoiling DJ!

  4. gee! Look what I started! lol I really like your new setting!


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