Jan 6, 2014

and so it begins

I told you yesterday of my plans to get laminate or something like laminate floor put down in the sewing room. I started moving a few things around last night, LOL. My original intention was to try to empty out the large bins and things from under the pressing/cutting table.  Mission accomplished but I still have sewing to do so the top will remain as it.  The rolled cart and the empty tote will not stay empty for long and were brought in only because it is supposed to be bitterly cold and I won't want to fetch it then.  I kept out two machines that I know I will need.  (That other thing is the paper shredder)

Then this morning----1st shelving unit is completely emptied off.  That has not been moved since July 1997.  A few things that I need to keep out were shuffled around  to spots that emptied up on the 3rd one in the line.   I dismantled the shelf and did try to take it out to the shed but we had some rain last night and the below freezing temps followed so the lock is froze.  You guessed it, the lock de-icer is in the shed.  I put the shelves in my car trunk for now, LOL.

Where is the rest of it?  I'll show you but trust me, I am not going to do any blow by blow every day I move things.  LOL.  This sat next to the pressing/cutting table.

The stuffed up corner---the large stuff from under the table and whatever else I could stack in there this morning.  The Christmas fabric tote is buried in there too but that really doesn't have a home, LOL.  I will go higher up with stuff in the actual corner but another day.  (A few things I need later in the week are there on top at the moment.)

I moved my quilt show entries into the closet which is now supremely blocked as you just saw.  Good thing that show is not until March!   Just enough space to hold this stuff.

Smaller containers stacked once I moved the wastebasket

A little space where the shoes usually sit

Atop the magazine rack--some of that was moved from atop the entertainment center to make room for something else

......................like this, LOL

All in a couple hours work and I am eyeing other spots in the living room and kitchen for later stacking.   It is possible that we will be able to do this before I initially thought if the entries are done, maybe between blog hops.  I drug in my suitcases to load up with the loose quilt tops and such piled on the overfilled open baskets too.    Keep plugging but I'm off for a badly needed shower snd then a bit of sewing.

DJ is hinting for potato soup and my making some muffins or quick bread.    After all, one way to keep the house warm is to bake, LOL.  We'll see.

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  1. Looks like you have made a VERY good start! Isn't it funny how we never realize exactly how MUCH stuff we have - until we have to MOVE it? I know that I would have a tough time if we decided to put laminate in my "Fabric/Storage Room" - that room is "stuffed" with stuff - ;))


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