Jan 3, 2014

more 4pp

I sewed the remaining cut out 4 patch stacked posie blocks (4pp).  You knew I would but it looks like I need to make 3 more as I count 45 and I need 48, I think, if I am going to squeeze out two pro bono quilts.  I have plenty of fabric, I think, so it should not be a problem.  A couple of these are near twins but truly, there is not a lot of variety available in my fabric selection.

This shot will show that basic groups they broke down into, mostly the bold purple flower.  The fewest that turquoise flower on the right hand side.  The fabric at top is what I am thinking about using with the blocks to expand them in some manner.  One piece is perfect color wise but I don't think I have enough of.  Some calculations will be required at any rate.

That is it for now on this one.  Newsletter must be readied today.  I was not feeling well yesterday afternoon and wondering if I was not having a form of intestinal flu plus a killer headache, achy all over.  I basically pulled on my jammies and went to bed at 4 p.m.  Better this morning, thankfully.

No playing till that thing is typed and posted on our website as you see, I am one of the webmistresses too.

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  1. I can see how the fabric limits the variety - too big and too far apart in most places - but it IS pretty!! The colors are yummy!! I like the stripe, too - maybe you could "stretch" what you have by using it as a center strip in a "Warm Wishes" type of layout - that might work. And I hope you feel better soon - that's no way to start a New Year - and you have a bunch of playing to do - ;))


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