Jan 12, 2014

wanna see some pictures?

I have another day to go but I am starting to see enough progress in here that I can share some pictures.  Wanna see?  LOL, of course you do!

I've done some shifting around of containers and decided to leave the pizza box kits atop the entertainment center in my bedroom, all 10 of them.   Try to sew those things up this year if possible. The sewing machines not in use stack along side the file cabinet in that little slot.  Old quilt tops in the white basket instead of in two different places.  I even hauled in the three small stackable containers that normally ride around in my car, LOL.  Got room now!

I think you can see the flooring better in this picture.  The stack of see through shelving goes next to Skyler's water bowl but there are still where they were placed in THIS POST----till tomorrow, LOL.

Half of this shelving unit was today's task.  I ran out for three more 35 qt containers and shifted some things around utilizing my space the best I can.

DJ helped haul in the TV stand today.  I got smart and as I emptied the temporary shoe box storage of the stuff for my desk drawer, I placed them in the drawer to keep this stuff better organized.    I think there are few things missing but I don't remember where they are at the moment!

This still needs loading, a tomorrow job.

Long range shot, before I bring in the sewing table tomorrow.

Obviously not done here!  All the stuff that I hauled into the corner a week ago is basically still there though it had gotten piled up to the height of the closet door.  (See that post I linked to if you want to see what I am talking about).  This is the last suitcase to unpack though.  I need to press the skirting too.  I DO remember where I put the iron!

There are a few other minor things to deal with.  DJ painted the door so I had to take down the command strips that hold a monthly themed wall hanging.  I've got one more machine out in the car yet and a few things to put away in the bedroom.  Set up the machine and sewing table to sew this week.   Sweep and vacuum all the mess in the hallway but I am pleased with what I managed to get done.

Guess I go better scare up something for our supper.  This day has totally whizzed by!


  1. Looks good, Linda. You've got a lot of stuff in a relatively small space. I wish I had your organizational skills! Janet M.

  2. Wow, Linda! That looks awesome! I wish I could get organized like that. Love your new floor!!!

  3. WOW - you have been BUSY!! Your room is VERY organized - and I LOVE your new floor!! - ;))


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