Jan 23, 2014

Still playing

Today's play date with EQ, LOL.

When I first saw that Loop the Loop block in the previous post, I initially thought of the block called Mr. Roosevelt's Necktie.  Quilter's Cache has one and I am using their image.  You can see the quarter snow balls but not the Bright Hopes or Twist block portion.

Then here is much the same block but I revised it for less pieces and recolored it

Long ago I had cut a kit and did one block and portions of a block for a block called Y Bridge on the World Wide Quilting Page, a block of the month of 1998-99.  My printouts read February 19, 2000 and were stuck in the project box.  I had it drawn up in EQ at the time but cannot find the project file at this point.

BlockBase does not list a block called Y bridge but really it is just a variation of that Mr. Roosevelt's Necktie.  Blockbase does show another version though with the same name.  LOL, they often do.  #2534.  How do you even piece that?? Avoid miters at all costs!

 So I set to revising and because I love red and aqua together I recolored it, LOL

A quilt with the revised block

Too many joining lines again---I hate sewing the same colored block to the same colored block when a larger square would work better.  I drew grid lines through my printout. You can see the square in a square, plain squares, two patches of  rectangles and filler around the periphery of the quilt.

I drew up block sectioning---you can see them there and I based everything on a 2.5 inch grid for a quilt that would finish 50 x 70 minus borders.  That woman who wrote that book about borderless quilts has nothing on me, LOL.  A screen shot of EQ with a portion completed.

And finally, here is the revamped quilt with the revised block of Mr. Roosevelt's Necktie

Would I make one?  Maybe but it is too late for the quilt kit I have cut out.  Will I ever finish that one since it has been sitting for 14 years now?  Who knows?  I would be MORE likely to do the revamped version and I am not that nuts about doing square in squares either.  Thing is, can I even call it Mr. Roosevelt's Necktie at this point with all those changes?   In fact, now it reminds me more of a block called 1727d Broken Wheel, a Rolling Stone Variation

I think I will call it Honeycomb now that I did all that rearranging and such.  My quilt, if I make it, and I can call it anything I want just like the quilting foremothers did.
For now I am going to leave that one alone, LOL but mostly because I already know how I would piece it, don't I?

Now that lunch is over I am back to my door stop sewing project #2 that could be possibly finished up today.   Cross your fingers!


  1. I love your imagination and creativity! I think with all the changes you could name that block yourself, an original of Linda!

  2. Funny how we can all see the same thing different ways - I see a Red snowball block with a white center and scrappy corners next to an Aqua snowball block with a white center and scrappy corners - and no square-in-a-square blocks necessary - ;))


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