Apr 4, 2006

Happy dancing and various other ramblings

Simple but effective, right? I just laundered it this morning so the quilting is really standing out. Nice and fluffed up.

I am kind of leaning towards nine patches for the spring sew-in blocks at the end of the month. We had tossed that idea about before we ended up doing houndstooth from one of Ursula Reicke's Fat Quarter booksn for the fall sew-in. A lot of times we gang piece blocks and then combine the efforts to have many quilts made from the same pattern. Lots of things to do with nine patches to make them different.

This was made and quilted by one of our members in her early 80's. (we have two in that age group) Neither of the two contemporaries want so see any fabric go to waste. Sarah is a whiz at putting stuff together out of nothing so she gets the backing cutaways and orphaned blocks. Bless her, she doesn't mind stitching batting strips together either. Theramae would be the first one I would ask to take something apart so we can re-purpose it. She likes working with little panel bits and turning them into something wonderful.

So I am little later in posting today because I was still plugging away on binding. The lighting is best in the house right at my desk which also hold the temptations of the computer. Next thing you know I'm off surfing or reading blogs and email or playing Free Cell, LOL. Short attention span theater!

BUT it is done now as of about a half hour ago. I like how the "ghost ties" fill the alternating block space in the on point setting. Still bowties but different than the one I showed you a couple days back with more white space. I cut the outer setting triangles a bit larger so float the design and NOT having to put on a border.

The backing is pieced of two companion prints--a floral and a floral stripe thing. I didn't have enough of either one to completely back it so used a little over half it and centered the quilt for change. For donation quilts I do not give a hang where the add on seam is just as long as it does not wind up in the binding edge. Stuff from my stash pile bought on sale a couple years back. It is a polished cotton type thing so I know some poly involved there. A little harder to needle it for the binding

The binding fabric I purchased--a nice bright stripe that I cut on the bias that will pick up on all the colors of the ties. Blogger has suddenly decided NOT to play nice so I'll put the closeup shot in another post in a minute. Hello Picassa in a minute then.

I've not quite decided what to do next.... track down the graphics for a label I need to print is one thing, a couple emails to write but I may well try to nail down what I am going to do with the round robin or have fun coloring on my Over the Edge panel? Yes, that might be the ticket as I need to return Cher's borrowed pens.

Quilt top can wait until tomorrow for quilting--what is another day? I hate to switch the walking foot from the machine until I'm done with the stack which at this point really consists of one that needs attention. Yes, Finn, one of these days when I finally feel like I am caught up I will take you up on your suggestion--every 3rd of 4th one is a "me" project? Lord knows, I have a personal UFO list as long as my arm.

Amy, I'll post my crockpot turkey breast recipe too but in a separate post on a another day. Sure smelled good in my house all afternoon!


  1. What a fun post. And the quilts are so bright and cheerful. I love the quilting. Both projects really illustrate how quilting can really complete a design.

    Thanks for sharing such a great post today.


  2. Wow...another really great quilt, Linda! I love the shadow quilting,what a good idea! And you gotta give those gal a hug for me, they are special ladies to do what they are willing to do.

    I do find as I get older, I have more patience to sit with a seam ripper or monkey with little pieces than I did when I was younger. Maybe it's because we don't have so much day to day stress in our lives anymore..*VBS*

    When you do your"sew in" and if it is 9 patches, do you work with strips, or use individual squares??

    I sure could stick a bunch of 2.5" squares in the box for you gals..*VBG* Just give me the word!
    Hugs, Finn

  3. Love the binding! I use stripes for binding a lot. (plaids too.)


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