Apr 5, 2006

some quilts from my past

I mentioned a few days ago that my niece/godchild would be graduating from the College of Nursing at Illinois State University. This is what my old hospital based nursing program evolved into; my sister Diane and I both graduated from there before the switch. I no longer practice nursing but my sister is still plugging away in the OB department but she has two kids in college at U of I.

The quilt pictured is the one that I made for Allison as she graduated from high school. She said blue and yellow or purple and green and this is what I came up with. One of the last things I hand quilted. The pattern is from Jackie Robinson "Arrowpoint Stars", I think. Her version used flannel and some folding technique. I couldn't understand what I was supposed to be doing, didn't want to fold it, used regular cotton fabrics and just pieced it. It is hanging from the clothesline at my parent's house. I have a picture of Allison holding it but not full out and it is kinda dark to boot.

This shows Allison, Mom and me holding some quilts that Allison was taking with her on a mission trip to Paraguay. We had enough quilts that each person traveling with the group could take one along in their luggage. Allison is holding a Debbie Caffrey "Plaid", Mom one of those ubitiquous Terry Atkinson " Yellow Brick Roads" and me, a "Bonnie Scotsman" from my EQ blocks library.

Mom made the Plaid and YBR and I did the Scotsman. I think she had 10 or more and I brought 4 or 5 from the Belles and I for that trip. Would have to look back at my files to be sure on that.

The "Plaid" pattern is available for free at Debbie's Creative Moments and was also featured on Simply Quilts. Hey, that Snail's Trail and London Crossroad's don't look too bad either from her same page.

In the rush to take the photo my quilt is upside down, I see, LOL. This is another 5 fabric favorite and I have made several in different color ways. I drew it up in EQ in custom set so I could include all the sashing bits and complete the design. Easy to strip piece. I think I even wrote it up as a handout. Oh so clever me.

Oddly enough, I just got my hair cut a bit shorter last week. It looks just about like it does here--maybe more layered though. I just got a card from Locks of Love thanking me for the almost 14 inches I sent them about 6 weeks ago. The first cut, who knew how I really wanted it cut---with that much cut off?

So I spent last evening trying to track down some graphic/ clipart files that did not make the transition from old computer to the new one. Then downloading and importing to that Clip Organizer thing. That used to be so much easier in previous incarnations. SIGH. No further quilting, binding, drawing or coloring which were options in the late afternoon/early evening. Still, I had reached my main goal of the day so "no worries, mate", as they say on my fav program McLeod's Daughters

The goal today: get the stuff together for my presentation tomorrow. It's basically readied but scattered hither and yon.


  1. What pretty quilts. So cheerful and bright.

    And my hair went to Locks of Love, too. I'm growing it out again after keeping it short for quite some time. I can tell that I'm going to get it whacked off and donated again as soon as it's long enough.


  2. those are some lovely quilts in that photo!

  3. What pretty smiles behind those quilts!
    Jeanne :)

  4. great inspiration LJ! thanks for the link-like I needed more patterns to make! :-)

  5. Wow, wonderful eye candy Linda..*VBS* So nice to see you, your mom and Alissen. The quilts are nice too..*G*

    Thanks for the links. I think I gotta get busy and download something that will open the PDF files...I don't have anything that will at this point. I love that you make sooo many different patterns for your donations quilts..Hugs, Finn

  6. I love the quilts you made from Jackie Robinson's pattern. I also like all of Deb Caffery's patterns. Great quilts!

    Judy L.


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