Apr 13, 2006

what did and didn't get done yesterday

Newly folded 30's stash Posted by Picasa
Yesterday was one of those days where I seemed to take one step forward and two steps back. Know what I mean? I had great plans though and some things DID get done and other plans were altered.

  1. First, I got all my 30's reproduction stash folded and sorted by color except for the stuff that is already cut in project boxes. Some of this lovely stuff was "flung" to me from Cher who decided a Fons and Porter Pinwheel/Hope of Hartford type star was not to her liking in those fabrics---she being a brights girl after all. Some I have bought recently because I thought I needed them for a project I should be stitching on like, NOW. Others were stuck back up in the closet where it was not easy to get at them. Lots of fats, some half yards and a couple in yards but not much plus some other yardage is in the bottom of that bin--though I think one if probably more of an authentic 40's vintage. My wish to get it all put away in one spot did not work unless I want to get another larger bin. Some is back in the Longaberger basket atop my TV sparkling like little jewels. Either keep it packed like it is in two locales or make some room after a pay committment alleviates some space concerns and get a larger bin.

  2. I got the batting roll picked up from my friend Judy's house. Now I can pin Finn's tops tomorrow or next week once I deliver it to our meeting place. I don't dare open that thing up at home as no way would it fit in my car once it expands! What I didn't count on was another trip to the bank on Home Extension business that I had hoped was straightened out. Fortunately, Judy lives fairly close to there and I was able to get her to sign the bank papers to add her to our club checking account, should anything happen to me. I came home with a top that she needs help cutting and applying bias binding---she will do the hand finishing so that's no biggie.

  3. I got some fabric donations either put away and/or ready to take to the meeting place. Some sample packs were trimmed to the 2.5 inch we will need for the sew-in. Four patches that will turn into one of those Chiclets from Brandy's Quilt Patterns discussed on the stashbuster list. We saw a similiar one at the quilt shop on Tuesday but done with 3 inch squares. To re-size them for kid's quilts a 12 inch block would be better and skip the half blocks the designer had used on the edges.

  4. A load of laundry got done but only because the cat got sick on her perch in the sewing room. I had hoped, and it HAS helped, that her tummy troubles were behind her. We, as the one having to clean up after her, thought sensitive stomach formula was at least worth a try.

  5. I had a nice chat with my mom when she called. What can be wrong with that?

So some cutting is ahead because I finally got the fabric pressing done this morning. Some EQ design work for a pending project is done now as well--re-sizing mostly. BUT for right now my husband needs my help with a home project and I better just post this thing, LOL. After lunch---I'm back to work!


  1. Sounds like a pretty good day to me..*VBS* Busy, but good stuff done, and freshly folded fabric looks wonderful...and is that a new little bundle tied with ribbon that just happen to follow you home...a ha...I thought so...VBG*

    I gather you are "open" to Aunt Gracies type fabric being "flung" at you...??? *VBG*

  2. she surely is Finn...she did get one finished block from the pattern those 30's fqs were bought for as well...

  3. You've been very productive. I need to get back to my straightening but I keep getting behind on my quilting and do that instead!


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